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Rhön Clinics

How Rhön-Klinikum manages its IT infrastructure

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    Rhön Clinic relies on Deskcenter Management Suite for compliance and asset management

    Different medical disciplines work next to each other at the RHÖN-KLINIKUM Campus Bad Neustadt. Six clinics are directly networked at this location. 12 people are employed in hospital IT and they have points of contact both with hospital IT and medical technology. Lars Kümmeth is responsible for software distribution there. At Campus Bad Neustadt 1,200 clients are currently inventoried with Deskcenter Management Suite. By the end of 2018 this will increase with 1,400 new systems due to the new build.

    Mr. Kümmeth from Rhön Clinic benefits from massive time savings by using Deskcenter Management Suite:

    “The provision and management of hardware and software has become really easy. For example, Adobe Flash Player and Java are applications that require an update every two to three weeks. If you want to do that manually on over 1,000 PCs it would take weeks. Using Deskcenter Management Suite at the click of a mouse this process is complete in one afternoon. The added value is extreme.”

    By the end of 2018 a comprehensive new clinic will be constructed at the Bad Neustadt location with around 1,400 PC workstations and/or terminals. Lars Kümmeth is at ease with the coming expansion. He says that the Deskcenter console has extremely high performance and the number of systems maintained there is almost completely irrelevant. The flexibility and ability to modify the interface means that all of the data required is ready at the press of a button. Out-of-date software can be updated quickly and easily via Deskcenter Studio; out-of-date hardware is identified and can be exchanged.

    I see the expansion of the Clinic and installation of 1,400 IT workstations in a relaxed way. It is really not complicated with Deskcenter Management Suite.

    Lars Kümmeth
    IT administrator who is responsible for software deployment, RHÖN-KLINIKUM Campus Bad Neustadt


    • Extension of the hospital and installation of 1,400 new IT workstations
    • 24 hours a day-no maintenance breaks
    • Roll out software packages and applications during ongoing business


    • Due to the flexibility and adaptability of the interface, all required data is available at the touch of a button
    • Outdated software can be updated quickly and easily, outdated hardware can be identified and replaced if necessary
    • Knowledge Base in the Deskcenter support area is the first point of contact for information and problem-solving strategies

    Mr. Kümmeth of the Rhön Clinic sees the special requirements of hospital operation in the operating hours:

    Lars Kümmeth is also extremely satisfied with OS deployment in Deskcenter Management Suite. Operating systems can be installed perfectly and without complications via Deskcenter Management Suite. Packages are available and these are rolled out on a wide range of PCs.

    The comprehensive knowledge in the support area on the Deskcenter website – which is the first point of contact for Lars Kümmeth when he is looking for information and problem-solving strategies – is outstanding. This knowledge library is a comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) or published customer support tickets that can provide practical, specific assistance. The option via specific features and the associated operating system assignments to find the correct topic is user-friendly and well structured. In most cases Mr. Kümmeth finds his answers there. If he needs extra assistance, in most cases the problems are resolved on the same day or at the latest by the next day by telephone, ticket or remotely by our Deskcenter support team.

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