Patch Management

What exactly does patch management mean?

Patch management is a key component of your IT security and the strategic planning and management of system updates. Updates close or “patch up” identified security gaps in software applications or operating systems to effectively prevent program errors and malware attacks. Furthermore, they minimize the risks associated with hacker attacks or data loss and fortify your IT infrastructure over the long term.

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Why is patch management so important?

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Thorough patch management repairs active security gaps and optimizes your IT security. You will also benefit from a unique version release on all end devices and increase awareness of possible safety risks.  Furthermore, you can enjoy standardization of your software portfolio to support simple and resource-saving patch administration.

Reduce employee workload

Patch management involves much more than just installing the most recent patch. Managing, planning, and testing them are also daily tasks of an IT administrator. You can skillfully reduce this workload with well-planned patch management and reduce the number of support inquiries being sent from within your company itself.


Thanks to strategic patch management, automated standard processes are established and your IT management will become more efficient. Furthermore, your employees will have more time for other tasks, since fewer support inquiries or program errors are be logged.

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Since we are using the Deskcenter Management Suite, we have noticed considerable time savings in many activities. Software updates and new patches are now installed centrally and automatically.

Dominik Nauditt
IT-Manager, P.C. Turck GmbH
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What are the technical features of DCMS patch management?


Microsoft patch management

Client and server operating systems and applications can be easily patched with Deskcenter. In addition, you can define automatic approval processes while the Microsoft patch management runs directly from Deskcenter Management Suite.

Non-Microsoft patch management

Despite the fact that Microsoft applications are used almost everywhere in the IT landscape, non-Microsoft programs also need to be updated regularly. With our suite, you can also reliably install patches for Adobe and similar applications to round out your patch management and keep your workflow as streamlined as possible.

WSUS Server infrastructure management

With Deskcenter Management Suite, you can actively manage Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and specify when you want to install patches and the devices on which you want to install them. It is also possible to manage the release process for existing WSUS from Deskcenter.


Patch level analysis

Thanks to our suite’s patch level analysis, you receive information about missing patches, unwanted software and end-of-life software. Your software is always up to date since the status of your systems can be compared with the patch level specified by the software provider. This means you can ensure your software landscape has the most current patches at all times and you can standardize your release statuses.

Automatic release process

Manually releasing patches is time consuming. This is time that you don’t always have. No problem. With Deskcenter Management Suite, you can automate your release process so it meets your individual criteria and streamlines your daily workflow.

Regular testing

Not only do patches need to be installed regularly, they must also be tested regularly. Deskcenter Management Suite can handle this for you so that you can focus on other tasks and not suffer any loss in security or quality.

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    Patch management

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