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Automated Software Asset Management Creates Freedom

IT Innovation Hamster Wheel Dashboard to make it clear A SAM solution like DeskCenter Management Suite not only compares the calculated inventorisation results against a valid software detection list and the asset management database. A dashboard also visualises variances from the authorised software and hardware inventory, patch and release statuses and discontinued versions. If necessary, […]

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IT management for the Internet of Things

Overview of the Internet of Things thanks to device management, software management, license management and inventory IT managers already have had to deal with non-homogeneous system landscapes for a long time – and the Internet of Things exacerbates the situation with a variety of different, internet-enabled devices that enter the company as part of the [...]
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Ensure GDPR data protection with a detailed IT and software asset management

The implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is currently an issue in almost every company. Software Asset Management (SAM) supports companies in meeting the GDPR data protection, earmarking, data minimization and documentation requirements. The legislature granted two years of grace in order to transfer the GDPR data protection requirements into company processes. [...]
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GDPR compliance through Software Asset Management

LANline | The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes the protection of personal data a company’s responsibility. This is because it is important to manage all data sets and systems on an ongoing basis. This can only be guaranteed if every IT asset is known and the software lifecycle of discovery, software distribution, and […]

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The Backbone of the Digital Workplace

The digital workplace is no longer a dream, but has already become a reality. In addition to a fundamental change in the corporate culture, the right technologies, comprehensive IT infrastructure and IT lifecycle management are crucial for successful implementation.

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How SAM supports GDPR principles

Software Asset Management as the foundation for implementing GDPR principles For a long time software asset management was seen as counting, weighing and measuring and was used to overcome the licence audit. The actual resulting added value was vastly under-estimated. On the one hand SAM prevents under-licensing and corporate risks using subsequent licensing. But homogeneous [...]
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IT Asset Management as an effective protection against cybercrime

How a complete Inventory can avoid cybercrime Cybercrime continue to increase and pose security problems to companies. Hackers can gain access to the corporate network through unauthorized hardware and software (keyword: Shadow-IT) and outdated patch and release status. For example, if you encrypt data, thus crippling entire companies, or stealing sensitive company data. This makes [...]
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Evaluation of a software for client management – What to Consider!

Any scenarios that compromise the security of an IT infrastructure, which we often encounter in practice, are dangerous. They make it more difficult to evaluate a software for client management or a SAM tool. Let us continue to define which specific elements play an important role in this. 1. Evaluate software for client management by [...]
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