IT Asset Management as an effective protection against cybercrime

How a complete Inventory can avoid cybercrime

Cybercrime continue to increase and pose security problems to companies. Hackers can gain access to the corporate network through unauthorized hardware and software (keyword: Shadow-IT) and outdated patch and release status. For example, if you encrypt data, thus crippling entire companies, or stealing sensitive company data. This makes it all the more important to implement effective defensive measures. This post will illustrate this situation based on up-to-date examples and show how IT Asset Management can provide effective protection against cybercrime.

Find the right mix of methods of inventory to keep hackers away

Thus, the condition for a successful defense strategy is first of all the complete knowledge of all devices and all installed software in the company. Here we look at different methods of inventory. Because each company must define and implement the right mix of methods for inventory individually. In addition to the client infrastructure and installed applications, it is important to consider virtual environments and systems operated outside the network. If this happens regularly and automatically, unauthorized devices and applications as well as an outdated release status can be quickly detected. Automation can quickly eliminate these detected vulnerabilities and keep them up to date on a long-term basis. This achieves a high degree of standardization in client and software portfolio management, which significantly supports and simplifies the security of the systems.

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