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The top 7 security-critical errors when managing mobile workplaces

Mobile working has long since become the norm in today’s world of business. Flexibility, greater employee satisfaction and increased efficiency are just some of the benefits of using mobile devices for work. Unfortunately, Germany is somewhat lagging behind its European counterparts in terms of mobile workplaces and working from home.

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What makes a good license manager?

In many IT departments, the licensing of software and the documentation involved aren’t part of the normal order of business. Indeed, numerous companies fall at the first hurdle of nominating someone to be responsible for license management. However, a license manager is indispensable if you want to avoid the high costs associated with relicensing or overlicensing as well as the potential legal ramifications. But what exactly are the duties of a license manager and what are the personal qualities that make a great one?

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ITAM & NETSEC. A marriage made in heaven?
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Maybe not a marriage but rather a collaboration, two disciplines that are typically seen as siloed activities. Too often NETSEC is seen as the needed with ITAM relegated to “nice to have”. We see things differently. While ITAM tools are never going to replace security tools (nor should they), ITAM should be the enabler for [...]
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Discovery & Inventory Done – What Next?
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You’ve got your discovery and inventory processes sorted, you are confident that you have complete visibility of your entire IT estate, so what next? Well, for some, this is enough and that’s OK, there is huge value to be had from having this up to date and accurate view of all your assets in a [...]
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Discovery & Inventory – Where to start
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It’s simple, without an accurate and up to date inventory of IT assets, everything else becomes that little bit more difficult, that little bit more incorrect and potentially that little bit more expensive. Having a clear, accurate and regularly updated register of both network connected devices and non-networked assets will give you an advantage in [...]
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Inventory base for your IT

It is not uncommon for IT and management to be unaware of applications and devices until they are uncovered by a manufacturer’s audit or some vulnerability emerges. There are various reasons for this. For example, there are devices that are rarely logged into the network and therefore difficult to inventory, decommissioned systems that are still [...]
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Managing a hybrid IT infrastructure efficiently – Comprehensive UEM relieves IT

IT security ensures licenses are cost-effective and keeps the software up to date – a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution is offered to manage different devices in your IT infrastructure. One condition: It must closely link all disciplines of IT management. The number and variety of mobile devices in an IT infrastructure is higher than [...]
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IT Services for all Users and Devices

Lanline | 03 | 2019 For the end user, PC and mobile devices have been going hand in hand for years. However, IT is often still trying to manage client and mobile device management with individual solutions. UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) applications create IT services – provided that it succeeds in achieving continuous process automation. [...]
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Design your IT infrastructure secure, transparent and compliant with a SAM software

When it comes to IT security, companies think first and foremost of virus scanning and firewalls. These tools already make a significant contribution to safety. However, this is not enough for sustainable prevention. Especially in order to protect against cyberattacks, it is important to know all the devices and applications on the network and to keep all software up-to-date.

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Five automation levers in IT service

IT is taking on more and more strategic responsibility and as a result, innovation must advance. The necessary freedom can only be obtained by those who automate routines as much as possible. In IT service and software asset management, there are a number of levers: 1. Inventory: Decentralized, Centrally Managed For security and license management [...]
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