Work securely on road with DeskCenter Mobile

Leipzig, 21st March 2019 – Three quarters of all users use a smartphone, tablet or laptop for work. To facilitate the management of these mobile devices, DeskCenter Solutions AG has now launched DeskCenter Mobile. Using the mobile device management solution, companies and governmental agencies can manage mobile devices centrally, securely and compliant with GDPR. At the same time they reduce the amount of work for their IT department.

Mobile workstations must be integrated into the IT infrastructure and managed reliably and efficiently. An effective MDM strategy must also include data security and device protection. The new DeskCenter Mobile solution provides companies and governmental agencies with the economic, flexible and secure management of a wide range of devices.

Centralized management for higher profitability

As the basis for efficient device management, DeskCenter Mobile inventorises all iOS and Android devices. The regular, automated inventory is however only the first step to reducing the pressure on the IT department. The solution also undertakes the central and common distribution of applications, updates, configurations and guidelines. All of the settings required for this can be defined quickly and easily via the intuitive user interface. Different versions therefore remain up-to-date.

DeskCenter Mobile controls applications, updates, configurations and policies on mobile devices


Flexible control

For new devices, DeskCenter Mobile removes unwanted, pre-installed apps on commissioning. The MDM solution also prevents employees from installing apps that are not permitted from the app stores. DeskCenter Mobile enables comprehensive software and hardware restrictions that match the company’s rules. So companies can temporarily block cameras or Bluetooth connections in security-sensitive locations. The solution also offers a high level of flexibility during operation: DeskCenter Mobile is available on-premises or as a cloud version.

Manage data securely and ensure GDPR compliance

Using numerous security mechanisms, DeskCenter Mobile fulfils the GDPR requirements and at the same time protects business data and intellectual property rights. This includes storing private and business information with strict separation on mobile devices. Lost or stolen mobile devices can be blocked remotely and the data on them deleted immediately. All communication via the device is encrypted – whether surfing the web, sending voice messages or downloading files from the server. Detailed reports document the licence and application usage for audits and to monitor compliance.

Secure messenger app for internal communication

As a legally compliant alternative to traditional messenger apps, DeskCenter Mobile has also integrated its own messenger. With no work required by the IT department, project teams therefore receive an efficient tool for secure telephone calls and chatting as well as protected data exchange.

“With the increase in mobile devices, efficient mobile device management is now more than simply a question of profitability. Those who take protecting company information seriously, will not be able to avoid an MDM solution simply due to the GDPR requirements,” says Christoph A. Harvey, Chief Executive Officer at DeskCenter Solutions AG.

Integrated MDM completes client management and creates the basis for holistic UEM


More information on DeskCenter Mobile is found here Visitors to the DMEA trade fair can obtain more information on the MDM solution in Berlin in Hall 1.2 Stand D-108 from 9 to 11 April.