Unified Endpoint Management is going to be the next big deal in IT – Greetings, dear future!

Deskcenter provides a complimentary Gartner report to UEM

LONDON, 01st October 2020 | The future is approaching fast – and it has a name: Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). This isn’t some secret, but simply the logical chain of technological advances impacting our everyday business. Current identifiers, like mobility and agility are gaining in importance and with that the complexities of our IT infrastructures keep growing.

“It is important to bring these increasingly heterogeneous structures under one roof as efficiently as possible,” says Holger Maul, pointing to a complex organizational chart. “A wide variety of devices, different operating systems, software, assets, licenses, updates, support – all of this and much more must be on the IT manager’s screen today. Ideally a single one. And that’s exactly what it’s all about!” The CEO of Deskcenter Solutions AG glances at the screen of his tablet. “Gartner Report” is written there in large letters on a circular button. “The topic is so important that I would love to send it to every manager by registered mail.”

In fact, a copy of the document with the seminal title Prepare for Unified Endpoint Management to Displace MDM and CMT is now and only for a short time available as a download from Deskcenter. In a straightforward analysis, the current situation is briefly outlined and then transferred into the discussion of theoretical and practically obvious solutions. Why UEM? What can it do? And what are the key findings for companies and institutions?

With this, Deskcenter is making a copy of the Gartner report available to its network and anyone who is interested. “Global developments are progressing so quickly that we can only keep pace if we share valuable information and well-founded expert knowledge in real time,” explains Holger Maul.

You can download the Gartner report here:

Gartner-Report – UEM

UEM Deskcenter Solution