Unexpectedly sexy. How the digital workplace becomes the engine of growth

IT specialist Deskcenter provides essential strategic analyzes and forecasts with the latest Gartner report

Leipzig, January 2021 – And there it is, the digital workplace. A year ago still traded as one of those new extravagances of Silicon Valley, which will probably never really catch on, suddenly even conventional organizations found it unexpectedly sexy due to the pandemic. And now? The experts at IT analyst Gartner recommend making a virtue out of necessity. Means: to convert a short-term reactively deployed technology into a permanent, strategic solution.

“Of course, that’s nothing to just shake off your sleeve. Transformation processes are complex and even more so when the entire workforce is spread across half the world,” says Deskcenter CEO Holger Maul from experience. This development has also accelerated at the IT specialist Deskcenter AG in recent months – with the difference that the company already can use one of the decisive solutions thanks to its own product. “The point now is to organize the infrastructure and digital workplace operations in such a way that employees can move freely and interactively with their work at any time,” Maul continued. “The next step must then be the strategic move towards a modern Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), which guarantees the necessary security and cost control”. More than half of all organizations are likely to have introduced uniform UEM by 2024 – last year it was even less than 5%.

The current Gartner report “Predicts 2021: Digital Workplace Infrastructure and Operations”, which Deskcenter is now making available for download free of charge and only for a short time, arrives at these and many other valuable assessments.