Leipzig-based software company DeskCenter supports media education at children’s village

Leipzig, 10 January 2019 – At school, apprenticeship or in their leisure time: these days children and young people are in touch with digital media everywhere. But handling them properly is a skill that has to be learned. Children who are not growing up in families can frequently be left behind if there are not enough computers suitable for children available to them.

At the Markkleeberg Children’s and Young People’s Village, to date 6 to 9 young residents had to share each computer. The operator, Caritasverband Leipzig e. V., wanted to improve the situation – and successfully launched a call for donations. Leipzig-based software company DeskCenter Solutions became aware of the request. Now the children’s village will have an additional fully equipped computer workstation for each residential group.

Hendrik Franz, CFO, DeskCenter Solutions, hands over the check to Gabriele Fleck-Hartmuth, head of the children’s and young people’s village

Distributed across four buildings in a village near Cospuden Lake and in the Leipzig district of Gruenau, there are 36 children and young people aged between 6 and 17 years – some live there permanently, others only for a time. With the additional computers they now find it easier to work on school and work projects:
“Modern media are now part of a child’s life. It is all the more important that every child learns how to handle them. So we decided to fulfil this wish by the children and young people at Markkleeberg and Gruenau instead of providing Christmas gifts to our customers,” explains Hendrik Franz, Chief Financial Officer at DeskCenter Solutions AG.

Gabriele Fleck-Hartmuth, head of the children’s and young people’s village explains: “We are truly delighted that our project for 2018 (to set up a second children’s computer workstation for each home) was surprisingly and simply fulfilled at the end of the year by the generous donation from DeskCenter. We will use the computers in a variety of ways. In addition to completing homework, watching films and playing games, we can also make our own films and clips and thus ensure that the children are familiar with a range of computer options.”

Children from the children’s ans young people’s village Markkleeberg at child-friendly computer, a gift from DeskCenter Solutions