DWS strategy with a future: One for all

How to successfully implement Digital Workplace Services – IT specialist DeskCenter provides key solutions for urgent requirements in the current Gartner Report

Leipzig, April 2021 – The job description for I&O managers certainly does not include having things easy. You are more likely to encounter the word “challenge” which usually links complex tasks with far-reaching prospects of success and therefore lights the path into the future. The best example of this is right at the top of the I&O agenda: Digital Workplace Services (DWS).

Recently identified as a growth and strategic factor, it then moves straight into where the rubber hits the road. Because technologies that correspond to release cycles are joyfully galloping onwards ever more quickly, the challenges for the employees’ digital skills are growing as they are distributed far and wide in the landscape with their diverse devices and operating systems.

But it is essential that the actual business mission is not neglected in the whole transformation process – on the contrary: the focus has never been more on customer benefits.

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Whether in a café, in your own garden or at your personal creative oasis: working from everywhere is now possible without stress and pressure.

“We are in the midst of structural and cultural transformation,” is the summary of the situation by Markus Gärtner. Alongside Christoph Harvey, they jointly head up the management board at IT specialist Deskcenter AG and implement this very transformation in their own company. “In IT you simply can’t get by with traditional organizational structures that are set up as functions and silos. They tend to hinder progress, prevent quick updates and – what I think is even more serious – they also prevent employees from being willing to undertake changes because they have not been designed to concentrate on their user experience.”

The Gartner analysts have shown how to approach the innovative task successfully in their current report. They recommend combining: a DWS team, a leader, a strategy.

This organizational form may certainly vary in size and depth depending on the size of the IT department but there is hardly any other way to unify the objectives of employee experience and it always covers four key aspects:

  • Workplace operations – concentrates on support and service for end users
  • Workplace engineering – focuses on digital technology and supplier management
  • Workplace governance – hub for release coordination, communication, reporting, optimization of licenses and rights as well as updating technology roadmaps
  • Workplace enablement – combines all aspects of introducing technologies for digital workstations

For these and many other valuable insights, the current Gartner report arrives at “Adapt the IT Operating Model to Deliver Indispensable Digital Workplace Services” and it can now be downloaded free of charge and only for a short period of time from Deskcenter.