Anywhere Operations:
This is what IT managers now have to cope with

IT specialist Deskcenter has published its latest Gartner report with recommendations on how best to respond to urgent IT infrastructure requirements – highlighting the trends IT and operations executives will need to prepare for pro-actively over the next 12 months.

Leipzig, August 2021 – I&O teams are currently facing challenges on multiple fronts. We’re all familiar with one of these – the switch to remote working, accelerated and in many places even forced on executives by the coronavirus pandemic. But this has also brought to light a number of weaknesses in existing, normally firmly rooted processes and workflows that require urgent action, as a glance at the current media frenzy around IT vulnerability shows.

Deskcenter AG_Pressebild_PI_Gartner Anywhere Operations
Press image of Chrisotph Harvey CEO of Deskcenter AG

Image 2: Christoph Harvey, executive board at Deskcenter AG.

And one of the key findings that I&O executives have drawn from these shifts in emphasis is that decisions need to be more closely linked to corporate concerns. Industry analyst Gartner has identified six key trends that will end up on I&O managers’ desks this year as a result of these events.

“If it sounds challenging and complex, that’s because it is”, says Deskcenter CEO Christoph Harvey. “The report is brutally honest about the facts. But its findings give us a head start, and with a pro-active approach we’re halfway to winning the match.” Harvey taps gently on the printout of the current Gartner report. “The most interesting section in the whole document is probably “Anywhere Operations”, with its convincing summary of what these trends mean for I&O. Performing well in this area – delivering secure, reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructures – requires centralized, dynamic asset management. Game, set and match.”

In their current report “Top Trends Impacting Infrastructure and Operations for 2021”, the Gartner analysts have shown what “Anywhere Operations” means, what other trends are significant and how I&O executives can best approach them. The document can now be downloaded free of charge and only for a short period of time from Deskcenter.