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How SAM supports GDPR principles

Software Asset Management as the foundation for implementing GDPR principles For a long time software asset management was seen as counting, weighing and measuring and was used to overcome the licence audit. The actual resulting added value was vastly under-estimated. On the one hand SAM prevents under-licensing and corporate risks using subsequent licensing. But homogeneous [...]
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IT Asset Management as an effective protection against cybercrime

How a complete Inventory can avoid cybercrime Cybercrime continue to increase and pose security problems to companies. Hackers can gain access to the corporate network through unauthorized hardware and software (keyword: Shadow-IT) and outdated patch and release status. For example, if you encrypt data, thus crippling entire companies, or stealing sensitive company data. This makes [...]
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Evaluation of a software for client management – What to Consider!

Any scenarios that compromise the security of an IT infrastructure, which we often encounter in practice, are dangerous. They make it more difficult to evaluate a software for client management or a SAM tool. Let us continue to define which specific elements play an important role in this. 1. Evaluate software for client management by [...]
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