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A must-have for modern managers

Dashboards give a quick and easy overview and IT expert Deskcenter provides a free solution for its Management Suite. LEIPZIG, February 2021 – The situation is well-known: How do you bring the essential statements on the whole IT to the tableau at the next meeting without browsing through complex software for hours? And how do [...]

Unexpectedly sexy. How the digital workplace becomes the engine of growth

And there it is, the digital workplace. A year ago still traded as one of those new extravagances of Silicon Valley, which will probably never really catch on, suddenly even conventional organizations found it unexpectedly sexy due to the pandemic. And now? The experts at IT analyst Gartner recommend making a virtue out of necessity.

Vulnerability Management – neuer Gartner-Report analysiert essenzielle Elemente für effektive Lösungen

Wie lässt sich Verwundbarkeit managen? Eine interessante Frage, nicht nur für Mediziner und Psychologen. Auch in der IT von Organisationen geht es quasi täglich darum, möglichst nachhaltige Antworten darauf zu finden. Mit Firewall und Anti-Viren-Programm allein ist es nämlich längst nicht getan – dazu genügt ein Blick in die jüngere Vergangenheit.

The War Room reports: IT cannot ignore Unified Endpoint Management!

The future is approaching fast – and it has a name: Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). This isn’t some secret, but simply the logical chain of technological advances impacting our everyday business. Current identifiers, like mobility and agility are gaining in importance and with that the complexities of our IT infrastructures keep growing.

Welcome the future is now

The time of the CIO has come

Lockdown, remote, the “new normal” – and someone is constantly saying corona crisis. But where it all started, that term “crisis”, it is not charged all that negatively. In the Chinese language the word “crisis” is composed of two characters, Wei – the danger, and Ji – the opportunity. So there is a potentially enormous game changer to be leveraged coming out of the current crisis. It’s CIO time!

R.I.P. Flash Player

Gosh, you were so hot back then. Everyone wanted you, everyone had you. The creative ones, the digital natives who didn’t even know that they would be called that, the gamers, all those leisure surfers. Flash intro on the website? Fleekin! Only Steve Jobs showed himself to be less than extremely excited and bit his apple. But he was right: Security was simply not your strong point, dear Flash Player. We have to say that very clearly, at 24 you are old enough for the truth. And really opening yourself up, somehow there was no way in. That’s why you’re out now. Definitely. “Finally!” The IT people tweet.

R.I.P. Flash Player

IT specialist launches a strategic double hit

Good news for breakfast? A future standard in the IT industry. The reason for this hardly makes it into the message columns: A German software company is offering complimentary access to the Gartner report, “Overcome the Fears, Embrace the Benefits and Launch a Remote Work Pilot Program.” Valuable insights for dynamic processes in an eventful time.

Deskcenter Mobile closes the security gap in the iOS Mail app

With Deskcenter Mobile, customers can respond immediatly to Apple’s latest vulnerability. Leipzig, 26 May 2020 – the Federal Office for Information Security has issued a warning about two current security gaps in the Apple Mail app. These affect all iOS versions going back to iOS 6. A remedy is at hand with the Mobile Device […]

Change of leadership at Deskcenter AG

Deskcenter AG has appointed Holger Maul as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and made a change in the make-up of its executive board. On 1 April 2020, the industry insider and IT expert took the reins as CEO of the software company, while Christoph Harvey took up his position as Senior Vice President International, further take responsibility for strengthening the company’s focus on internationalization.

Successful capital increase for the Deskcenter AG Group

Investment via the private equity firm Seafort Advisors opens the path to grow internationally Leipzig, 31. March 2020 – With the successful closing of a significant capital increase, Deskcenter AG, parent company of Deskcenter UK Ltd., announces a new majority shareholder. This enables Deskcenter, together with channel partners, to grow their engagement in Cloud and […]