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Game changer in
a market worth billions

The increasing complexity in IT is good news for IT service providers. They are in demand like never before as the trend moves towards Managed Services. But the question arises for classical resellers who want to develop into managed service providers: What do I focus on? And how do I convince my customers about the new services?

Anywhere Operations:
This is what IT managers now have to cope with

IT specialist Deskcenter has published its latest Gartner report with recommendations on how best to respond to urgent IT infrastructure requirements – highlighting the trends IT and operations executives will need to prepare for pro-actively over the next 12 months.


How companies can ensure the best license management process

7 properies CIOs can use to identify a good license manager Failing to record and document software fully or properly puts companies at risk of legal consequences and even expensive relicensing. But running redundant software also incurs high costs to the company that a license manager – if there is one – can easily avoid. [...]

IT Administrator Article:
Deskcenter Management Suite 11.0

IT Administrator Article: Deskcenter Management Suite 11.0 Broadly based by Dr. Christian Knermann With its modular structured Deskcenter Management Suite, the German manufacturer of the same name has started to implement comprehensive client and IT service management. For software deployment and patch management, the focus is particularly on Windows endpoints. IT administrator decided to take a [...]

What exactly is IT asset management?

IT asset management (ITAM) is another term for IT inventory management. It denotes the management and detailed documentation of a company’s hardware and software inventory and their relationships and interdependencies. In addition to the inventory and management of IT assets, ITAM also provides valuable contributions to purchase and investment decisions, the definition and ongoing development [...]

DWS strategy with a future: One for all

How to successfully implement Digital Workplace Services – IT specialist DeskCenter provides key solutions for urgent requirements in the current Gartner Report Leipzig, April 2021 – The job description for I&O managers certainly does not include having things easy. You are more likely to encounter the word “challenge” which usually links complex tasks with far-reaching prospects [...]

New dual-leadership at Deskcenter Group

Deskcenter AG has a new Executive Board. Markus Gaertner and Christoph Harvey have taken responsibility for the software company’s business as of the beginning of February 2021. The new duo is a well-rehearsed team, who have previously worked together and have plans to advance the international course Deskcenter has already set. They will do this with unconventional ideas and a new corporate culture.

Unexpectedly sexy. How the digital workplace becomes the engine of growth

And there it is, the digital workplace. A year ago still traded as one of those new extravagances of Silicon Valley, which will probably never really catch on, suddenly even conventional organizations found it unexpectedly sexy due to the pandemic. And now? The experts at IT analyst Gartner recommend making a virtue out of necessity.

Vulnerability Management – neuer Gartner-Report analysiert essenzielle Elemente für effektive Lösungen

Wie lässt sich Verwundbarkeit managen? Eine interessante Frage, nicht nur für Mediziner und Psychologen. Auch in der IT von Organisationen geht es quasi täglich darum, möglichst nachhaltige Antworten darauf zu finden. Mit Firewall und Anti-Viren-Programm allein ist es nämlich längst nicht getan – dazu genügt ein Blick in die jüngere Vergangenheit.

Vulnerability Management – The new Gartner report analyzes essential elements for effective solutions

How to manage vulnerability? An interesting question, not only for medical professionals and psychologists. Even in the IT of organizations, it is almost every day to find the most sustainable answers possible. A firewall and anti-virus program alone won’t do the trick – just remember the recent past.