DeskCenter integrates tools for authorisation analysis into DeskCenter Management Suite

To facilitate the authorisation process in the active directory, DeskCenter Solutions AG has extended its IT infrastructure and lifecycle management solution, DeskCenter Management Suite, to include a helpful additional module. With P!view you can directly create analyses on which users have which rights to the folders authorised on the file server via the DeskCenter interface.

In order to see at a glance who has access to what in the corporate network, which authorisations are in place and which have changed, DeskCenter Solutions AG has integrated P!view, a tool for authorisation analysis in user access management, into the DeskCenter Management Suite. The integration adds an additional function to your DeskCenter interface that shows which users have which rights and can generate analyses from this. It analyses and assesses the direct and indirect group memberships. Authorisations can be tracked from the directory view (which users can access a directory) or user view (which directories a user can access). With the aid of the report generator from DeskCenter Management Suite, information on the file server authorisation(s) of a user or department can be shown in a report and provided to other departments, senior management or auditors.

P!view is available immediately. The P!view add-on requires the basic module of DeskCenter Management Suite as a minimum. 150 clients are already included in the P!view basic module. Please contact the DeskCenter sales team directly for queries on the product or to receive a test licence: or +49 341392960-40.
You can find more information on P!view at Product description (pdf).