New release from DeskCenter drives digital transformation in IT service forward

With comprehensive processes for IT service management and wide-ranging analysis options, DeskCenter Management Suite Version 10.6 provides greater efficiency, compliance and security.

Leipzig, 13 February 2018 – The new release 10.6 of DeskCenter Management Suite standardises and accelerates IT service processes and thus improves the quality of the helpdesk. This is achieved through deep integration of the IT helpdesk with the other IT management disciplines – such as licence and asset management, deployment and release management. Because service employees see all of the current information on assets and users immediately from one ticket they can initiate work steps directly, which makes IT support work quicker and easier. Additional innovations in the release provide greater IT security and the economic use of Microsoft Office 365.

With Release 10.6 DeskCenter provides wide-ranging support for digital transformation because digitalisation means much more than simply transferring analogue working into the digital world. It is above all about ensuring the necessary change from tool to process-oriented IT. the software maker provides a measurable contribution to this because DeskCenter makes increasingly complex IT processes easily manageable.

IT service: improve quality, increase efficiency

The new version of DeskCenter Management Suite assists helpdesk employees to overcome their day-to-day work. The most important innovations for more usability and efficiency include:

  • Software distribution and remote maintenance directly from the ticket: IT support has always had direct access to all relevant asset and user information in DeskCenter. In addition, all necessary actions can now be started directly from the ticket. So the support employee can directly start the installation of software and patches from the ticket – without needing to switch the model for this to occur. This is possible because the DeskCenter platform stores the complete technical inventory, all organisational and user-related information and all relevant patches and software packages in the same database.

    To automate customer-specific modifications, script technologies based on quick scripts can be used for the ticket user, system or components. DeskCenter supports such common script languages as PowerShell, VBScript and batch scripts. No knowledge of a proprietary script language is necessary.
  • Series tickets for routine tasks: Repeat service requests and tasks such as checking backups or patch day tasks can be automated via the “series ticket” function based on projects. This generates a ticket automatically at stipulated times and provides information on the integrated escalation management including on due dates.
  • Read rights and direct work with the knowledge database: When processing a ticket, helpdesk employees can call up the knowledge database directly. Using a full text search, they research appropriate solutions there and transfer these directly to the ticket. With Version 10.6 the read rights can be assigned to individual categories in the knowledge database for different administrator groups. This enables security-related information to be reliably protected from unauthorised access. This is particularly important if the knowledge database is used in several projects.
  • Master-sub-tickets to depict complex dependencies:
    More complex tasks such as onboarding new employees are made easier in Release 10.6 using “master-sub-tickets”. Here the IT associates a superior master ticket with any number of tasks in the form of lower level sub-tickets – including over several hierarchy levels. So the individual departments can be assigned their relevant tasks and they can be processed at the same time or in defined sequences.

Benedikt Gasch, director of product management at DeskCenter, explains: “The IT departments have to administrate, support and secure ever more devices and software – with ever fewer human resources. That is why any click in IT service is one click too many. With DeskCenter helpdesk employees can resolve any fault and service request quickly and traceably without media breaks. In simple terms they work in one mask “from call up to solution or service provision”.”

More security and cost-effectiveness

 The new release of DeskCenter also provides other analysis options in addition to the existing patch level and compliance dashboards:

  • Optimise the cost of Microsoft Office 365: From Release 10.5 on, DeskCenter depicts data from the Office 365 portal in the central asset and licence management. With Release 10.6 DeskCenter also records the service plans, activations and data for using the individual components. The IT therefore always has insight into whether users are really using all of the functions or whether it may be possible to switch to a lower cost Office 365 plan. This therefore avoids expensive over-licensing.

Patch level analysis: In addition to ongoing monitoring of the patch level for the whole company, the patch status of individual devices can be determined ad hoc. For additional security out-of-date and unauthorised applications can therefore be detected immediately and the linked software distribution can be resolved in the short-term with patches and deinstallation routines.

  • Use AD security groups for deployment: IT can directly access the security groups defined in the active directory for software distribution and control an installation via a graphical workflow based on this. In addition, complete automation of the software distribution is achieved through a combination of security groups and software rules. Software installation is therefore made more flexible for individual system and user groups.

IT managers support digital change in their company with four essential components – discovery, automation, cyber security and compliance. DeskCenter bundles these in its solutions and thus prepares the way for efficient and value-oriented digitalisation. Therefore, DeskCenter is unique in terms of providing software asset management from the next generation, abbreviated to SAM 4.0.

About DeskCenter Solutions AG

DeskCenter® Solutions AG is an internationally active, German software manufacturer based in Leipzig. Its technologically leading solutions for companies, public organisations and cloud service providers covers the whole IT management process. In addition to asset management, licence management, software distribution and OS deployment, this includes high-quality reporting, a service desk solution, mobile device management and comprehensive real-time system management. All modules are developed consistently but can be deployed individually.

1,200 well-known customers rely on the multiple award-winning software from the company, which was founded in 2007; they include engelbert strauss, HEITEC, Kraft Foods, Lufthansa AirPlus, Sonax and Volkswagen.

DeskCenter’s clients value in particular the quick and competent support and active involvement in ongoing development. To provide the best possible support to customers, the company is represented globally by a strong partner network. System houses and integrators offering managed services benefit from an attractive partner programme.