From tools to value-led IT: DeskCenter “SAM 4.0” goes to market

Leipzig, 02. November 2017 – DeskCenter is calling companies to rethink their IT: expanding digitalisation is accompanied by new business models and process automation as well as far-reaching changes to managing IT infrastructure. With the four essential components of Software Asset Management (SAM) – discovery, cybersecurity, compliance and automation – the IT has the means to complete the move from tool-led to process-led SAM and thus design the value-led transformation of the company. At the same time, consistent implementation of DeskCenter SAM 4.0 ensures ongoing process and cost optimisations.

Pure “counting, measuring and weighting” has served its purpose in software asset management. Today’s IT department requires more than a tool for licence auditing that can detect, record and compare licences. It is required to provide ideal support for increasing process automation. It is essential to comprehensively, securely and efficiently manage applications in hybrid IT landscapes. DeskCenter provides a module software platform for this that includes the four core elements of value-added software asset management:

Discovery – know that you know what you need to know

Only those who know precisely which applications are available to which users on which computers and whether these are also used in a contractually compliant and process-led manner, have managed IT infrastructure using which you can build and expand digital transformation.

Cybersecurity – no open flanks during transformation

You have to ensure that no unrecognised, new security gaps arise when transforming the IT infrastructure not only in the status quo but also on an ongoing basis.

Compliance – warnings and optimisation suggestions before damage is threatened

Continuous monitoring of licence and process-related compliance issues such as manufacturer licence audits and the EU General Data Protection Regulation are an important element of SAM. At the same time, it also offers the opportunity to optimise licensing costs from procurement to usage metering as well as cloud licensing plans.

Automation – handover processes to the system

From monitoring via patch level management to deployment, DeskCenter brings automation options that contribute to the best possible resource optimisation in the IT department and release critical resources for future-oriented tasks.

A number of events between November 2017 and February 2018 are part of the launch of DeskCenter SAM 4.0. DeskCenter will briefly show how companies can overcome these new challenges of digital transformation using ongoing customer projects. The roadshow is aimed at the directors, CTOs, CIOs and other IT managers in medium-sized companies. Register at

About DeskCenter Solutions AG

DeskCenter® Solutions AG is an internationally active, German software manufacturer based in Leipzig. Its technologically leading solutions for companies, public organisations and cloud service providers covers the whole IT management process. In addition to asset management, licence management, software distribution and OS deployment, this includes high-quality reporting, a service desk solution, mobile device management and comprehensive real-time system management. All modules are developed consistently but can be deployed individually.

1,200 well-known customers rely on the multiple award-winning software from the company, which was founded in 2007; they include engelbert strauss, HEITEC, Kraft Foods, Lufthansa AirPlus, Sonax and Volkswagen.

DeskCenter’s clients value in particular the quick and competent support and active involvement in ongoing development. To provide the best possible support to customers, the company is represented globally by a strong partner network. System houses and integrators offering managed services benefit from an attractive partner programme.