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From tools to value-led IT: DeskCenter “SAM 4.0” goes to market
DeskCenter is calling companies to rethink their IT: expanding digitalisation is accompanied by new business models and process automation as well as far-reaching changes to managing IT infrastructure. With the four essential components of Software Asset Management (SAM) – discovery, cybersecurity, compliance and automation – the IT has the means to complete the move from tool-led to process-led SAM and thus design the value-led transformation of the company. At the same time, consistent implementation of DeskCenter SAM 4.0 ensures ongoing process and cost optimisations.
Microsoft SPLA quick guide
“SPLA“ is the original Microsoft term for “Service Provider License Agreement“ and regulates the pay per use terms and conditions for Microsoft customers. With a SPLA license agreement the customer reports the monthly peak usage of each Microsoft product they make available to their end user customers.
it-sa 2017: Patch me if you can …
The new Cybersecurity Management Solution from DeskCenter combines setting up safe and transparent IT infrastructure with ensuring compliance for all software applications. DeskCenter Solutions AG is presenting its new Cybersecurity Management Solution at the it-sa 2017. Companies use it to protect themselves from cyberattacks using ransomware or Trojans by keeping the software on all devices up-to-date using centralised and automated means.
DeskCenter integrates tools for authorisation analysis into DeskCenter Management Suite
To facilitate the authorisation process in the active directory, DeskCenter Solutions AG has extended its IT infrastructure and lifecycle management solution, DeskCenter Management Suite, to include a helpful additional module.
DeskCenter confirms its competency for Microsoft technologies at gold level
With certification as a Microsoft Partner Datacenter Gold, DeskCenter again documents its competency in building up flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions for corporate IT.
DeskCenter prepares the way for the workplace of the future
DeskCenter Solutions AG has completed certification for the Microsoft Partner Datacenter Silver and thus gained an important qualification. Through this partner status, Microsoft ensures that consultants’ consultants with in-depth knowledge of Windows Server, Cloud and Virtualization are advised and managed. The know-how in these technologies is an essential prerequisite for the successful transformation of IT
Beyond Software Asset Management
In this article, we hope we talk about how SAM can be used as an enabler across an organisation and how with a little joined-up thinking you can make SAM a core part of everyday activity. A key part of this is in the toolset you choose to use, while it is important that the core objectives of SAM are met, consider how the toolset can be used to deliver value outside of SAM. Consider also how can the tool be used to integrated processes to benefit both SAM and other business functions. SAM can and should be an integral part of everyday business.
SAP license management: DeskCenter and VOQUZ announce partnership
DeskCenter Solutions AG, provider of solutions for IT infrastructure and IT lifecycle management, has concluded a technology partnership with VOQUZ Labs GmbH. The portfolio of the IT solution provider and system integrator includes samQ, a special application for the management of SAP licenses.
DeskCenter simplifies Windows 10 migration with backup and end-of-life routines
Leipzig, March 09, 2017 – 2017, the issue of migrating to Windows 10 is clearly on the rise. DeskCenter Solutions has supported the latest version of Windows since its introduction. The switch to the new operating system is simplified in DeskCenter which includes additional functionality to secure settings and data
DeskCenter 10.4 Release
DeskCenter is pleased to announce our 10.4 release. This release takes DeskCenter to a new level across all modules.
DeskCenter and SECOPTENA – Technology partnership for managing network licenses with OpenLM
DeskCenter Solutions AG, provider of solutions for IT lifecycle management and SECOPTENA GmbH, service provider and solution provider for IT governance and IT compliance, have agreed on a solution partnership. As part of the cooperation, OpenLM, a special application for the management of network licenses, will be integrated into the DeskCenter Management Suite. The integration will simplify the administration of all current license models via a user interface.