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What exactly is IT service management?

IT service management (ITSM) stands for the most flexible and efficient administration and automation of IT-supported business processes. ITSM should therefore no longer be viewed from a purely technical perspective, but also and above all to maximise service quality. Customer satisfaction and workflow play a big role in offering customers and employees of your company the best possible quality in processes. This improves the profitability of the company, strengthen the management, and gives your company a bigger competitive edge.
Another term used in connection with ITSM is information technology infrastructure library (ITIL), which recommends processes, roles, and terms according to best practices and serves a basis of communication for all employees integrated in your IT services.

IT-Service-Management Testimonial

Why is IT service management so important?

Manager ist überzeugt von dem IT-Service-Management von Deskcenter


Intelligent ITSM can consistently improve your operational processes. Potential is identified – qualitatively but also in terms of security issues. Furthermore, you are investing in resource-friendly IT management that will reduce costs over the long term.


A high degree of user satisfaction is one of the most important success factors for allmost any company. With consistent IT service management and the resulting improvement in service availability and quality, you can significantly increase the acceptance and satisfaction of your users and customers.


With ITSM, i.e. the automation of associated workflows, you can make your business processes significantly more efficient and flexible. For example, the Service Desk (Helpdesk) is automated and managed in a way that users know quickly and easily where to turn in each case. Solutions can be found and communicated more efficiently.

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With Deskcenter we are found an effective software for our daily tasks. It fulfils all of our functional requirements and convices with a functional helpdesk and mobile device management integration.

Thomas Schubaur
Head of information and communication division, LANDRATSAMT AUGSBURG
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Since using Deskcenter our system management and the service quality have significantly improved. We highly value the fact that Deskcenter is continuously expanded take into account customers suggestions for improvement.

Christian Albrecht
First Level Support, engelbert strauss

How can you easily implement reliable IT service management?


Service Desk

It is essential to set up a service desk so it can service as the central point of contact for user and customer requests. Our service desk is linked directly to all Deskcenter Management Suite modules, which use a standardize database so as managed data regarding hardware, software, patches, historical information, etc. In addition to error messages (ticketing), request management, and problem management, the service desk also acts as a knowledge base for your internal IT and users.


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