User-oriented service desk and structured IT support

Optimal service quality in the shortest possible time: IT departments are increasingly measured on this. As the central hub, the service desk is the link between the users and IT organisations that are increasingly developing into service providers. Cost transparency and low operating costs are additional factors that play a key role in the economic assessment of the IT service department.
Via the DeskCenter IT Service Management Solution users can register their incident and service requests via various communication channels to a single point of contact. Through the agile service provision, you can provide effective IT services and extend them with web-based self-service portals, e.g. via knowledge transfer from the Knowledge Base. With the aid of dynamic reporting you can document and resolve repeated errors in a targeted manner. This offers a basis for taking decisions on future IT investments and processes.

Your added value from the IT Service Management Solution

  • Agility
  • Automation
  • Best-in-class IT services
  • Effective IT services
  • Optimisation of resources

Single Point of Contact (SPoC)

A single point of contact is at the center of your IT organisation. As a defined starting point for a service request, failure or stipulated activity, it is the initial point of contact for your users. Using an intelligent software solution, quick and structured communication is possible between the users and the IT department. With our powerful self-service portal, DeskCenter.Web, you offer your users a contact point for tickets that is available 24/7 and has high user acceptance, to ensure you have the quality information required to effectively manage tickets.

Integrated IT Service Management

With DeskCenter IT Service Management you have all of the events, problems and service requests and create full integration with IT asset management, software deployment and licence management. Failed software installations or licences required but not available can be recorded automatically into a ticket and thus ensure consistent and efficient IT service. You work here with automatic escalations, ticket templates and automated emails. You can view all of the information, links and functions from IT asset management directly from the ticket. Thanks to integrated wizards and the knowledge base, your users will be productive again quickly and you can ensure the service is restored immediately.

ITMS Quality Reporting

Various target groups require different information. It is important to make the indicators understandable and easy to analyse. With the integrated quality reporting you can easily analyse whether your IT service management is working efficiently and where there is potential for improvement. For example you can measure and analyse the throughput time for tickets or discover which departments open the most tickets. The analysis of the service activities can significantly support you in improving your service organisation and accelerate problem solutions.

Agile IT service is more than just support:

Digitisation is changing processes in companies more quickly than ever before. So that they remain innovative, companies must permanently modify the provision of their IT services. Your IT ‚ÄČorganisation can face these challenges in a more controlled way with DeskCenter IT Service Management. Simplify your work processes, reduce your throughput times and structure your tasks. This enables you to save time and set better priorities. Through the complete integration you will create a bridge between effective IT services and comprehensive infrastructure management.