IT Management

Whether you are responsible for 10 or 10,000 users and systems your challenges will be the same. A need to keep users productive and system running smoothly being critical. Not only are you responsible for these, you need to ensure you have the right processes and procedures in-place to keep your organisation safe from external pressures such as Software License Reviews. Coupled with pressures on budgets, changing user needs, advances in technology, you need access to the right information accurately and quickly, allowing you to make informed decisions about current and planned activities. Whether you are considering moving services to the Cloud, rolling out Mobile Devices, looking at major OS upgrades or simply looking for overall improvements in your service capabilities and levels, having the tools and processes in-place is essential and can bring significant benefits. DeskCenter Management Studio can support you in all aspects of running an effective IT service for your organisation. With a modular approach DeskCenter allows you to focus on the areas that are important to you whilst providing a clear route to continually increasing capability, ultimately leading to an effective, secure and cost effective IT environment.

Values of Digital Transformation

  • Automation
  • Effective IT services
  • IT security
  • Resource optimization
  • Cost optimization
  • Compliance

Asset Management Solution

Efficiency and flexibility in the IT infrastructure is essential today for companies to master digital change. DeskCenter stands for effective asset management and creates the basis for maintaining the overview of new purchases, restructuring and growing software portfolios. DeskCenter means asset management for all devices including those that are an integrated part of the IT infrastructure. Use DeskCenter as a central tool to continuously modify all working environments in your company.

Deployment & Release Management Solution

With the DeskCenter Deployment & Release Management Solution you save time and massively simplify the work processes. Centralise your deployment processes for the most part and respond quickly to changes. Determine the parameters for your workflows yourself and remain flexible in all steps in spite of automation. In combination with the completely integrated licence comparison, software distribution by DeskCenter is leading in technological terms and does everything to optimally manage your hybrid device and software environment.

Lizenz Management Solution

With the DeskCenter Licence Management Solution you will immediately see if licences are missing or unused and can respond quickly if necessary. Get full transparency over all assets, licences and contracts. Optimise your software environment and adapt the licences to the actual use. The KPMG–certified licence reporting ensures you are able to make immediate statements in the event of an audit. This protects you under licence law and at the same time retains cost control.

Cybersecurity Solution

Criminal hackers and malicious users are an ever more serious problem and are attacking corporate IT environments ever more frequently. With the DeskCenter Cybersecurity Management Solution you close potential access points for attacks and protect yourself from cyber-attacks via ransomware, Trojans etc. With DeskCenter you scan your network for weaknesses and centrally distribute patches for software applications and operating systems. This enables you to respond much more quickly to security updates and protect yourself from technical failures.

IT Service Management Solution

Digitisation is changing processes in companies more quickly than ever before. So that they remain innovative, companies must permanently modify the provision of their IT services. Your IT organisation can face these challenges in a more controlled way with DeskCenter IT Service Management. Simplify your work processes, reduce your throughput times and structure your tasks. This enables you to save time and set better priorities. Through the complete integration you will create a bridge between effective IT services and comprehensive infrastructure management.