Licence Management

What exactly does licence management mean?

Licence management, also known as software asset management, is the term for business processes related to the planning and management of software licences. Compliance guidelines and resource management play a big part in it. It is used to maintain an overview of license inventory, ensure that licencing is renewed on time, and fulfill legal security requirements. According to KPMG and other industry leaders, licence management helps businesses reduce their costs by 30%. This is achieved with tools like the Deskcenter Management Suite, that offer you intelligent and efficient IT management.



Why is licence management so important?


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Quality management

New technology is essential to ensure long-term success in the market and to optimize processes. Updating the software your company uses is imperative for compliance with current quality standards. Use Deskcenter Management Suite, the SAM tool for medium-sized businesses, to manage your software licences intelligently, maintain an overview of your IT infrastructure, and implement a targeted IT strategy.

Resource management

Do you want to reduce costs? Transparent processes across the entire lifecycle of your company’s software, for example, can help you do just that. Root out unused software immediately and prevent unnecessary investments in expensive software licences that will hit your balance sheet hard over the long term.

IT compliance

Compliance with important legal regulations and regulatory requirements is something every company must ensure. A solid SAM plan and the right tool can help you minimize liability risks, standardize your software portfolio, detect obsolete software that is no longer supported, and handle licence violations with ease.

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Deskcenter has helped us create a valid license management program that offers us peace of mind in the event of a manufacturer audit. I always have a current overview of all licenses, which means I can react quickly if something is missing. Expensive relicensing is therefore not a problem.

Felix Wiese
IT Manager, W.u.H. Fernholz GmbH & Co. KG

Now we can analyze whether licenses are even being used by users in a system. If not, we uninstall the software. This frees up licenses that we can put to better use elsewhere.

René Wolf
IT-Infrastrukturmanager, TECHNOLIT® GmbH
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Software procurement, software management and hardware management in one system: the DeskCenter Management Suite has the advantage of all information being directly available during a SAM audit.


Martin Klum
License Manager, Central Services IT, Agaplasion gAG
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What are the technical features of DCMS licence management?


Software detection catalog

DCMS offers you a cloud-based software catalog that is updated daily (over 15,000 providers, more than 300,000 products, over one million fingerprints). It is used to help identify all of the software on all of your company’s devices. The process runs automatically, meaning you don’t have to do anything.


Licence reporting

Deskcenter Management Suite helps you map your entire licence inventory including your invoices, licence verifications, other parameters such as update and downgrade rights, concurrent use rights, or binding terms. You then receive an analysis of your licence situation so that you can make deliberated strategic decisions and investments.

Using various licence metrics

In licence management, it is common to classify software inventory according to various licence models. Inventory and analyze your software licences with DCMS using various licence metrics. These metrics support the mapping and configuration of the entire lifecycle of the software you are using.

Contract and licence management

You can use this feature of Deskcenter Management Suite to carefully maintain, verify, and store commercial and organizational information.

Multiple service providers

An economical licence management solution is not just limited to one provider. Deskcenter allows you to inventory and manage software from various providers so that you are not limited in terms of licence planning and management.

Application Metering

DCMS application metering is used to measure actual software usage. It allows you to identify unused software licences and develop resource-friendly software planning. With integrated software management, unused software products can be uninstalled and licences can be returned to the licence pool.

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    Licence management

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