What exactly does inventory for IT mean?

Taking inventory of your IT landscape is the bases for integrated and effective IT management. Maintaining an overview of all IT assets uncovers possible security risks, such as missing patches or shadow IT, and can minimize risks of errors in the IT infrastructure. Furthermore, unused systems or applications can be identified and uninstalled to save money. The right software gives you the economic advantage because you can inventory and then manage all IT assets in a short amount of time.


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Why is IT inventory so important?

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The risk of hacker attacks, viruses, or data theft increases with any device that has not been inventoried. Minimize the chance of an attack on your IT infrastructure by covering all IT assets in your company and maintaining this information with a professional management suite.

Resource savings

An accurate IT inventory can lead to smart savings when it comes to resources and costs, because unused hardware and software can be identified quickly. Furthermore, you can plan for your company’s IT to be scalable and prevent the procurement of unnecessary assets.



Covering and managing your IT can be often very time consuming. This is time you don’t have. Invest now in our comprehensive inventory software so you can automate and accelerate your workflows.

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We are excited by the potential of taking complete control over our software estate and confident, based on early results Deskcenter will enable us to achieve beyond our goals.


Damian Martin
Head of Service Planning ESS, IT ASSIST
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I am allways up to date about which hardware and software is installed on a PC, when the last inventory was done and wich patch status the system has. The solution is very structured and self-explanatory. I can really see everything I want to see.

Karin Esslinger
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What are the technical features of Deskcenter for inventory?


With Deskcenter you can collect all of your IT assets without a local agent installation. This allows you to save time and prevent unauthorized access to specific systems in your company.

Across all platforms

Do you want to add Windows computers and also devices that use other platforms such as iOS or Android to your inventory? Not a problem with Deskcenter Management Suite. Adding MacOS to your inventory is no obstacle with our cross-platform inventory system.


Connection to Office 365

Deskcenter allows you to easily cover and maintain an overview of your Microsoft Office 365 applications. Benefit from a scalable tool that maps your cloud activities and, when combined with licence management, offers conclusive activity reporting.

Infrastructure inventory

In DCMS you can add hypervisor servers, DHCP servers, and an active directory to your inventory and document them in detail, giving you a comprehensive overview of your virtual environment. You can connect other systems via a JSON-Rest-API.

Inventory via cloud

  • With Deskcenter, you can inventory your entire IT via the cloud. Even assets used by employees working from home are inventoried properly because our agent requires only one active Internet connection.


With Deskcenter Management Suite, you can easily determine if a system or assets exists, for example, by means of a time-controlled IP scan or through third-party provider applications and defined interfaces.



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Maintaining an IT inventory is just the start. Purchase a licence for our other functions and implement an end-to-end IT management solution with asset management, licence management, patch management, and much more.

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