Asset Management

What exactly is asset management?

Asset management is the management of the actual property of a company. It also includes the planning of future capital expenditures and asset investments. For inventory and managing company assets, an end-to-end asset management program offers a thorough overview of these assets and intelligently automates processes. Furthermore, asset management improves the company’s profitability, and business goals can be defined effectively.

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Why is asset management so important?

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Maintaining a comprehensive overview of a company’s assets is essential to professional asset management. Thanks to our system, you can control, inventory, and manage all of your (company) assets and investments efficiently.


Strategic decisions should not be made based on a “good feeling”, but rather based on facts. Thanks to our accurate asset management software, you have access to these facts and figures in seconds. So you can cut costs and plan effectively.


In order to avoid attacks on your IT system, you must take a thorough inventory of your assets and keep a list of them. Strengthen your IT security by maintaining an overview of the lifecycle of your assets with DeskCenter Management Suite.

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We particularly like the good clarity of the applications and the individually adaptable user interface. So every colleague can configure his own dashboards. We were also enthusiastic about the great support during installation and tests.

Jens Hallmann
IT-Einkauf; Lizenz- und Asset Management, Mohn media Mohndruck GmbH
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The Deskcenter Management Suite is simple to use and very easy to integrate into our existing IT structure. The modular structure allows us to expand the suite at any time as needed. This allows us to implement the necessary processes step by step, which we need for holistic infrastructure management.

Andreas Kaltenstadler
System Administrator, Sonax GmbH
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With Deskcenter we can safely managing all locations and home office workplaces. This includes devices that are not signed in into the network every day.


Wolfgang Schädle
SC/IT Systemadministrator, Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG
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What are the technical features of DCMS asset management?

Asset Management for all types of assets

An asset can be anything—from a desk to a laptop or external hard drive. With Deskcenter, you can inventory and manage all types of assets (e.g., PC systems, virtual machines, printers, and desks), meaning you are not limited to just IT assets.


User-defined asset types

Asset management that is not type-specific allows you to define the classification of your assets. You can define your own asset types and add customized and user-defined information, as well as relations to other assets.


Multi-tenancy from only one database

With the help of our client structure, internal IT departments can map complex company organigrams and managed service providers theire customer structure in one suite and on one database in a structured way.


Document management

With Deskcenter, documents and assets can be combined by an integrated document management system so that you can maintain a centralized overview of all documents, such as invoices, contracts, and documentation in one interface. Store important information such as cancellation and audit dates, performance indicators, and contract types to create meaningful reports.

Rights and role concepts

You can define individual roles for managing your assets. These roles can be assigned specific rights for functions and even individual database fields. These options allow you to create a company-specific profile concept that supports your IT, specifying who is responsible for what area of responsibility and ensuring compliance with standards.

Customizable interface for user and data types

Deskcenter Management Suite offers a customizable interface structure so you can develop an even more effective asset management program. Define various views for different users and data types to optimize your workflow and improve user friendliness.

Asset Management

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