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    Gartner, "The Essential Elements of Effective Vulnerability Management" by Shilpi Handa, Published 5 October 2020

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    The twin pack of effectiveness: Asset Management + Vulnerability Management

    Still remember 2017? There we were, on a beautiful May morning, at Frankfurt train station with a surprised look on our faces: WannaCry had taken train arrival and departure boards hostage. The ageing PCs running them had not been patched. One of the Vulnerability problems for any and all organisations: When the ever growing and dynamic IT assets are not managed properly, then the doors are potentially left wide open for Malware & Company. That cannot only be extremely expensive, but also very mortifying.

    You know it: Dealing with this manually is not a good path to follow. There is a continuous flow of new and changing assets in your IT infrastructure, each of which can represent a serious risk for your organization. That is why Vulnerability Management is one of the biggest challenges facing IT today. And dealing with effectively is done hand-in-hand with comprehensive IT Asset Management.

    How to win: We are offering you an exclusive access to the complimentary Gartner report. It shows you a comprehensive path to effective Vulnerability Management. This may be followed by the thought to re-visit how you do comprehensive IT Asset Management, further leading to the spontaneous idea to contact us, Deskcenter, one of the front runners in IT Asset & Vulnerability Management. 😉

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