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Unified Endpoint Management.
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The future is approaching fast – and it has a name:
Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

This isn’t some secret, but simply the logical chain of technological advances impacting our everyday business life. Modern day identifiers, like mobility and agility are gaining in importance and with that the complexities of our IT infrastructures keep growing. Assets, software, licenses and more are sprouting on the fertile grounds of varying infrastructures provided, whilst being driven by real-time process requirements, which are to bear rich harvests in a digital driven future. A future that simultaneously spans from the traditional office tower, via global Cloud cover, to the tablet on a Bali beach. Of course, as the IT Manager, you’ve got this on your radar – ideally with one view. The UEM one.

Here are the good news: UEM technology is coming of age and is starting to become the next big deal on IT management’s roadmap. And per our understanding, according to Gartner, in its report: Prepare for Unified Endpoint Management to Displace MDM and CMT, now is the ideal time to get more closely acquainted with the topic of UEM.

UEM Device Management

And here’s one we prepared earlier: In the here linked Gartner report, which we are making available to you, but only for a limited time, you can inform yourself on how to go about making your organisation fit with UEM for the fast approaching future. Here you go, just one click away!

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    Gartner, "Prepare for Unified Endpoint Management to Displace MDM and CMT" by By Chris Silva, Bryan Taylor, Rob Smith, Manjunath Bhat, Refreshed 4 October 2019, Published 15 June 2018

    Unified Endpoint Management to Displace MDM and CMT

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