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Unexpected events often lead to unexpected innovations: Among other things, the current pandemic has accelerated the transformation of common workplaces into digital, location-independent work environments. The subject is serious and important. It’s about security, efficiency, growth and the future of our IT infrastructures. What was part of a planned digital transformation became an unexpected measure and is now becoming part of the IT strategy.

Download this Gartner report to gain more insights:

  • why consistent and practicable endpoint management remains a challenge
  • how Unified Endpoint Management improves user experience and cost control
  • how you can achieve an infrastructural self-healing with consistent transformation of your IT
  • what more than half of all organizations have already consolidated by 2024
  • despite a widely dispersed workforce, up to 30% time optimization of your service and IT resources via automation and endpoint analysis

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    Gartner, "Predicts 2021: Digital Workplace Infrastructure & Operations"
    by Stuart Downes, Dan Wilson, Nathan Hill, Michael Silver, Chris Silva, Published 7 December 2020

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