Enterprise Mobility Management

What exactly does enterprise mobility management mean?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is the centralized management of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The focus is not only on the management of mobile devices but also on their implementation in the existing IT system. This means you have total control and a secure IT environment. Another topic that is just as important in enterprise mobility management is data security. An end-to-end EMM software solution can help you fulfill the relevant requirements. As per GDPR, you are required as of May 25, 2018 to have an EMM solution in place that helps you completely delete lost or stolen mobile devices immidiatly or force a factory reset.

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Why is enterprise mobility management so important?

Mitarbeiterin genießt die Vorteile des Mobile Device Management von Deskcenter


Secure mobile devices? Is this possible? Yes, with Deskcenter Mobile. It ensures you are in compliance with GDPR guidelines so you can keep hacker attacks, data theft, and computer viruses at bay. Deskcenter Mobile allows you to manage a secure IT infrastructure while at the same time, maintain flexibility and keep costs down.

Employee satisfaction

Mobile devices accompanied by CYOD (choose your own device) and COPE (cooperate owned private enabled) options increase productivity, flexibility and user satisfaction. Furthermore, employees who work from home are more productive thanks to our chat program (developed in house). It not only provides for a better work atmosphere but is also more economical than other solutions.


Our enterprise mobility management solution saves you time and reduces workloads, because mobile devices can be inventoried quickly and from one central location. Furthermore, the amount of work needed to manage them is kept to a minimum so that you can efficiently manage your IT. Support and maintenance can be managed quickly and easily through our own remote control.

Mobiles Arbeiten mit Mobile Device Management

Mobile workplaces must be integrated into the IT infrastructure and managed reliable and efficiently. A powerful MDM strategy also includes data security and device protection. The new DeskCenter Mobile solution enables companies and public authorities to manage a wide range of end devices economically, flexible and secure.

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IMO Logo - Referenzpartner von Deskcenter

“With Deskcenter Mobile we have found a suitable partner for Mobile Device Management as a Service and no longer have to worry about installation, setup and system updates. Unfortunately, large providers often do not offer this service on this scale”.

IMO Holding GmbH
Rainer Dressel, Leiter EDV / IT Manager
IMO Logo - Referenzpartner von Deskcenter

“Compliance requirements are increasing due to the diversity of mobile devices in the company. With Deskcenter Mobile we have found an MDM solution which helps us to manage all types of devices easily and securely and which is also otherwise manageable in its functionality”.

IMO Holding GmbH
Rainer Dressel, Leiter EDV / IT Manager
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What are the technical features of DCMS enterprise mobility management?

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Do you want to easily deploy your applications and operating system updates? It’s easy with our practical EMM software that makes mobile software deployment possible and lets you maintain control of your corporate IT regardless of location and time. Moreover, you can deploy corporate software to mobile devices and securely manage and configure them while keeping an overview of the situation.

Apple DEP/ Android Enterprise

Do you need to integrate enterprise technology into your operating system? Deskcenter Mobile supports the complete integration of Apple DEP and Apple VPP (Apple Business Manager), as well as Android Enterprise Device Owner Mode and various BYOD modes.


“Bring your own device” and “cooperate owned private enabled” are true recruiting magnets. Of course, these concepts come with certain security risks. Deskcenter Mobile is an elegant way to minimize these risks through the use of security guidelines and selective deletion of company-sensitive data. As a result, you strengthen your IT security and HR management.

Deleting company-sensitive data

Has a mobile device from one of your employees been lost or stolen? You need to act fast and have all company-sensitive data deleted remotely from the device. Our EMM software can handle this quickly to prevent the risk of data theft or unauthorized access.

Secure chats

Chats between company employees contain sensitive data. By using our chat messenger, you guarantee that messages, for example exchanged through our on-premises software, are exchanged through your own server. Take advantage of the practical messenger function within Deskcenter Mobile and ensure that communication between mobile devices and standard Internet browsers is secure.

Enterprise Mobility Management

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Are you looking to increase IT security on your other devices? Then read more about software deployment with Deskcenter. When combined with our enterprise mobility management and patch management module, it enables you to transform your IT landscape into an end-to-end management system.

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