Workflow Management

What exactly is workflow management?

Workflow management (WflM) is the support and automation of work processes. It includes the control, modeling, optimization, and specification of individual IT processes to reduce costs and ensure quality of work. A workflow management system can help make work processes more efficient, increase flexibility, reduce processing times and eliminate unstructured processes.

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Why is workflow management so important?

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Workflow management for IT processes increases employee productivity by eliminating unnecessary work steps and streamlining process stages. Furthermore, thanks to automation you can shorten processing times and actively standardize business processes.

User satisfaction

Smart workflow development offers more flexibility and saves time. This increases employee satisfaction and positively impacts the working environment and company’s reputation, as well as the ability of employees to find the right balance between work and private life.

Ressource planning

Structured and automated work processes are not only efficient but also cost- and time-efficient. Lower your costs for new technology and personnel because a well-designed workflow administration system uncovers expendably costs, scales corporate goals and minimize time-consuming tasks.

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By using Deskcenter including automated software distribution, central patch management and the integrated helpdesk we have been able to reduce the cost of user support by 50%.


Marc Hoffmann
ICT project manager at SNV
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Since working with Deskcenter Helpdesk, we have already significantly improved the turnaround times. The IT department is very satisfied with the time saved and simplification of workflows.


Thomas Schubaur
Head of information and communication division, LANDRATSAMT AUGSBURG

What are the technical features of DCMS workflow management?

Define escalation process

Custom-fit escalation management streamlines work processes and improves the services you offer by defining escalation processes and automating reminders. With Deskcenter, you can define escalation processes simply and optimize your work systematically.

Manage all data in one database

Store all of your IT data in one database and manage and analyze it easily with Deskcenter Management Suite. This is the only way you can implement sustainable optimization strategies for your workplace management.

Workflow Management

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