Provision of software applications for current, global release versions

The transformation of existing workstations to the modern workstation of the future requires a high level of agility by those responsible for the IT on a daily basis. Automation processes for software distribution and patch management must be created and monitored. These days such processes must also adapt to mobile workstations and cloud services across company boundaries. In order to be able to ensure a best-in-class IT service, the applications in the service portfolio must be provided as required by users and as quickly as possible; they must also always have the current patch level. This requires upstream tool-supported consolidation of the software inventories, which is the only way to ensure the global release versions have no security gaps and are up-to-date.

Your added value from the Deployment & Release Management Solution

  • Agility
  • Automation
  • Best-in-class IT services
  • Effective IT services
  • IT security
  • Mobility
  • Optimisation of resources


Let DeskCenter complete the next new installation of your PCs and servers. Distribute software with a high degree of automation and provide patches without delays. With DeskCenter you will ensure that release versions are identical across the company. DeskCenter enables you without intensive software packaging to provide a number of ready packaged software applications. Build your deployment processes on our software distribution and distribute software to your users in seconds.


The combination of software rules, the innovative packaging concept and the visual workflow designer provides you with clear and secure software distribution. Assemble software packages, system operations and interactions with licence management and ITSM in any combination and sequence. Thanks to this innovative workflow management, you are able to generate packages even more quickly and also conduct complex installations without problems. To achieve this, our infrastructure concept works hand in hand with software distributors and centrally configured services.

Quality Reporting

The integrated reporting functions enable you to provide the most varied of information as required. This enables you to make statements on the efficiency and error rate of an installation and derive improvements from it. But you can also create assessments on the quality of the packaging and speed of the roll-out. Will my defined methods also work in an emergency, e.g. if a patch has to be rolled out as quickly as possible after an attack? Via ongoing reporting you will discover undesirable subsidiary effects and can plan for subsequent software roll-outs.

Manual was yesterday — safe deployment that reduces resources:

With the DeskCenter Deployment & Release Management Solution you save time and massively simplify the work processes. Centralise your deployment processes for the most part and respond quickly to changes. Determine the parameters for your workflows yourself and remain flexible in all steps in spite of automation. In combination with the completely integrated licence comparison, software distribution by DeskCenter is leading in technological terms and does everything to optimally manage your hybrid device and software environment.