All software assets up-to-date for your IT security and compliance

Automatically closing security gaps is absolutely essential for today’s innovative IT. Security updates from Microsoft  and other software makers must be distributed to the end locations in a targeted manner – no matter whether they are on the intranet or outside the network. Today compliance is not only about the correct use of software under licensing law but also the use of approved, patched software that is maintained by the manufacturer. You can rely on Microsoft patch management or the comprehensive, catalog-based patch-level analysis, which includes over 1,000,000 recognition patterns for version and release management. Combined with the software distribution and the DeskCenter AppCloud, you ensure automated security standards across the enterprise.

Your added value from the Cybersecurity Management Solution

  • Automation
  • Compliance
  • IT security
  • Transparency
  • Centralisation

Patch level analysis with security dashboard

Using the integrated patch and update management you check your software environment for current patches and ensure common release versions across the company. The subsequent system check compares available release versions on a daily basis with the patch level stipulated by the manufacturer. All products are clearly shown in a patch level security dashboard. This enables you to avoid security risks such as out-of-date release and patch versions, unauthorised software and end-of-life programs.

User access management

In order to control authorisation processes through the Active Directory, DeskCenter also provides you with integrated user access management. With P!view you can directly perform analysis via the DeskCenter interface on which users have which rights to the folders authorised on the file server. For example, all of a user’s access rights to the folders in your file system can be tracked and you can see who is in the displayed groups.

Compliance reporting and risk management

DeskCenter ensures that only approved and patched software that has current manufacturer support is used in the company. This not only fulfils the legal and organisational requirements in terms of IT compliance but also the IT security requirements. The reports that can be generated from this are used as the basis for improved risk management. The transparency and control gained can contribute to significant quality improvement as well as central and integrated process control.

Patch me if you can!

Criminal hackers and malicious users are an ever more serious problem and are attacking corporate IT environments ever more frequently. With the DeskCenter Cybersecurity Management Solution you close potential access points for attacks and protect yourself from cyber-attacks via ransomware, Trojans etc. With DeskCenter you scan your network for weaknesses and centrally distribute patches for software applications and operating systems. This enables you to respond much more quickly to security updates and protect yourself from technical failures.