Manage assets seamlessly on an ongoing basis:
infrastructure , investment  and cost optimisation

Ever more complex IT environments and the rising number of software applications that must be supported are two of the greatest challenges faced by IT. Mobile devices and flexible workstations have become a daily reality for some time now and are a requirement of many users. External access by employees to the network presents additional challenges for those responsible for the IT. If you want to have your IT environment under control these days you can no longer rely on conventional methods.
With the DeskCenter IT Asset Management Solution you get transparency over your IT and manage all of your technical and commercial inventory. Manage your users and ensure that they all have access to the necessary applications. Well thought-out archive management for files and documents is also integrated. Based on this information you are able to consolidate your infrastructure, optimise costs and derive essential framework parameters for further IT investment.

Your added value from the Asset Management Solution

  • Infrastructure optimisation
  • Investment optimisation
  • IT security
  • Cost optimisation
  • Mobile device management
  • Transparency

Making inventories of your
IT infrastructure

With the detailed Inventories you record all physical and virtual systems in your network and manage your complete technical and commercial inventory. Inventorisation takes place independently of the locations, no matter whether in the network, cloud or for mobile employees. This enables you to retain the overview over the installed hardware and software, even in complex IT environments. With this structured real-time overview, you create a valid basis for all of your IT management processes and can plan investments in a more targeted way.

User administration & system management

With DeskCenter you – directly or via the Active Directory – record all user accounts and their data for ongoing, homogeneous use in IT management. Many daily tasks can therefore be completed directly with a single click. It is all centralised and completely automatic and therefore does not disturb the user’s work. This provides you with comprehensive management of all users and user groups as well as direct and quicker access to the registry, services, users and much more besides.

Documentation &
file management

All technical and commercially relevant information on your IT environment is permanently available with DeskCenter. In future you will simply assign maintenance agreements, transfer protocols, purchase documents, licence certificates and even manuals to your devices, users, licences or components and quickly find them again at the click of a mouse. So you always have direct access to information on depreciation, purchases, service and delivery partners and can use this data for your reports and plans.

Asset management that adapts to your infrastructure:

Efficiency and flexibility in the IT infrastructure is essential today for companies to master digital change. DeskCenter stands for effective asset management and creates the basis for maintaining the overview of new purchases, restructuring and growing software portfolios. DeskCenter means asset management for all devices including those that are an integrated part of the IT infrastructure. Use DeskCenter as a central tool to continuously modify all working environments in your company.