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6/2/2017 | Press Release Product news

Turnkey NHS Cybersecurity offering in partnership with Libretti

When your data is taken hostage: Four steps for effective protection against Ransomware DeskCenter`s SAM Cybersecurity solutions with over 1.000 customers in Europe, have been closing gateways for hackers for more than 10 years

Turnkey NHS Cybersecurity offering in partnership with Libretti

Staines, 5. June 2017 - The cyberattack by the crypto-trojan WannaCry has again shown that only a reliable and above all, timely software patch and release management solution ensures the security of an IT infrastructure. Software vendor DeskCenter Solutions, with ten years of market experience in this field, strongly advises against quick fixes. “Organisations should now not rush into short-term measures to protect themselves against the WannaCry trojan”, says Christoph Harvey, Chief Executive Officer of DeskCenter. “What is more effective and sustainable is to establish a holistic view on your IT infrastructure and processes, in order to protect against ransomware and other viruses.” DeskCenter, which has been offering relevant solutions for over 10 years, has published a four-step check for companies to download  here. This allows IT administration to systematically check how well they are already protected  against ransomware infestation and what further measures they could  take to increase protection.

More than 220,000 systems were attacked by WannaCry, the encryption Trojan.  Microsoft provided a patch for this vulnerability on the14th March 2017 but the fact that so many systems had not been patched in time proves that security and IT processes can still be lacking in any organisation. Organisations, hence, should take note of WannaCry to examine the security of their entire IT infrastructure and to better safeguard themselves against future cyberattacks.

"The global spread of the WannaCry Trojan has again highlighted the associated risks to many organisations. In the short term, various manufacturers tried to score points with test or free versions of their solutions as quick fixes. However, for sustainable prevention, these are insufficient", says Christoph Harvey. "In order to protect against attacks in the future, organisations must be assured that all devices and applications in their network are protected. It is essential that all types of software - not just Microsoft Windows – is always kept up-to-date with their latest patches and releases."

To ensure this, a number of measures are necessary. DeskCenter recommends organisations to:
• regularly monitor which programs are installed on corporate devices - including "potentially risky installations", such as adware, toolbars, portable apps, or games
• constantly check the status of all applications: The security depends mainly on whether software versions are up-to-date or out-of-date or if they have already been discontinued by the manufacturer.
• close gaps promptly and automate patching.
• check the access rights of employees to files and folders, and use Access Management to mitigate the effects of a ransomware attack.

With the access management measure, organisations are also actively limiting their vulnerability in the event of a further attack; namely, that hackers exploit a newly exposed software vulnerability for which the software provider has not yet issued a patch. "Fake emails with damaging links are now hardly distinguishable from 'real' emails. The likelihood that an employee accidentally clicks on a suspect link is increasing substantially every day. Limiting users access reduces the damage caused by encryption", says Harvey.
Based on over ten years of software asset management experience, DeskCenter has bundled all relevant DeskCenter Management Suite features into two cybersecurity application solutions, which protect against ransomware and other similar attacks. These are:
DeskCenter Windows Security is a full inventory for Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft applications as well as automatic distribution and installation of all patches.
DeskCenter Premium Security is a solution for the entire IT infrastructure. In addition to Windows, it detects all installed applications and utilities on all devices within the network. It compares identified applications with a real-time software catalogue of programs from over 14,000 manufacturers. A patch-level security dashboard highlights day-to-day security threats and enables the direct roll-out of packaged software, up-to-date patches and software updates. In addition, unwanted and obsolete software can be directly removed. Also available is an access management option for files and folders.

Libretti & DeskCenter Cybersecurity Turnkey Solution for the NHS
Specifically for the UK healthcare market, DeskCenter Solutions UK Ltd. and Libretti Ltd. have come together to offer the above Cybersecurity bundles in conjunction with Libretti Health’s longstanding expertise as consulting, advisory partner and solution supplier for the NHS, health and social care organisations.
With both, Libretti and DeskCenter, part of several UK Government purchasing frameworks, they provide NHS organisations the needed contracting agility, flexibility and most cost-effective mechanism to implement a needed cybersecurity solution in a timely fashion.

For more information on DeskCenter's cybersecurity solutions, also see the Whitepaper "When your data is taken hostage: Four Steps for Effective Protection from Ransomware."