Software Audit & Software Asset Management (SAM) DNA

DeskCenter SAM DNA will make your license management more reliable. It increases transparency and legal certainty, protects you from unknown risks and uncovers avoidable costs. DeskCenter SAM DNA uses one of the most comprehensive and precise product detection databases (over 100,000 products). This module will help you to keep your software licenses under control.

With DeskCenter SAM DNA you can face license audits relaxed and don't have to fear legal claims or penalties from inaccurate licensing. You can prepare for audits with a few clicks. It guarantees a fast overview as well as monitoring of all used licenses. This makes it easy to fulfill the compliance requirements of software manufacturers.

Unique Selling Point

The SAM DNA database is manually maintained and updated by experts. The product detection database uses full boolean logic and offers an individual service to include even customer specific software. SAM DNA is a combination of a software product and a service. The seamless integration in the DeskCenter Management Suite enables a thorough Software recognition at a high quality standard.

DNA attributes

SAM DNA delivers the following software attributes, clearly structured and with individual filter functions defined with detection rules:
Manufacturer, product family, product name incl. edition, version, language, license type, chronological version, patch level, release master, additional characteristics. Single applications will be named as such. The automatic assignment of these characteristics gives you a fast overview of all existing software products within the company. Customized sights make the consolidation of the software environment a lot easier.


The Software Inventory gives you a good overview of all software products that need to be licensed and those that do not. This valid information is the basis for a variety of processes and decisions. Identified software can be attached to the license certificate and you can create compliance reports.

Update period

The database is updated every quarter and will be made available by DeskCenter. Thus, you are always up to date and able to realize a continuous and seamless Software Asset Management.

Custom-made detection

Purchasing SAM DNA also includes a special service: If you have individual software or modified installation packages you want to have included in the detection process, you can send your inventory data to DeskCenter. This increases the detection rate and ensures that your specific business software is detected.

Optimal add-on

With Application Metering you can uncover further savings potential for Software Asset Management. Application Metering shows you which licenses are actually used. Thus, unnecessary software will be identified. You only need to spend money on software that is required and can reduce costs for software that is not used.

Product Overview
Product Overview
Product Overview DNA
Product Overview DNA
Apply Product
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  • detailed view of all products that need a licensed and all license free products
  • perfect decision basis for further processes
  • compliance reports
  • Software Lifecycle Management
  • detection of unwanted software applications (cracks, sniffer, adware etc.)
  • automatic detection of all updates (incl. patches and minor updates) and assignment to existing software
  • uses release masters
  • detects even not installed software in the system
  • automatic detection of additional product characteristics (PDF reading)
  • automatic assignment of processes for application metering
  • definition of software based on detection rules
  • unique detection quality
  • transparent software inventory reveals hidden costs
  • ensure legal compliance and reduce risks for the company
  • full database compatibility
  • combination of software and license management
  • easier operating system and software migration
  • integration in existing workflows
  • optimal performance and use of resources
  • inclusion of individual business software
  • long-term usability of data and results
  • detection of products based on different criteria

spare yourself:

  •  incorrect or inefficient licensing
  • financial loss due to unnoticed license violations
  • manual, error-prone detection of software components
  • intermediate storage of inventory data and double storage
  • installation of additional applications or assemblies on the SQL server
  • own agent software on the client systems

In order to use Software Asset Management DNA you need the

Basic Package

and the module

Software Asset Management DNA