Service Calendar

The Service Calendar is an ideal extension for the Helpdesk. It provides your helpdesk staff with a calendar and a useful planning tool. The Service Calendar helps you to increase the efficiency and transparency of workflows.

Appointments for the service staff can be created and linked to a system, component, ticket or user. You can also easily manage recurring events. All actions and tasks connected with assets can be evaluated and analyzed properly. The calendar can also be synchronized with the local MS Outlook, either unidirectional or bidirectional.
Service Calendar
Service Calendar
  • management resources and appointments
  • calendar function
  • resource planning (group schedule)
  • planning serial appointments
  • appointments can be assigned to systems, peripheral devices, persons and helpdesk tickets
  • accounting and evaluation
  • shows scheduling overlap when creating appointments
  • Private appointments are only visible to the editor
  • transparent workflows
  • effective scheduling
  • easy management of recurring events
  • synchronization with MS Outlook

In order to use Service Calendar you need the 

Basic Package

and the module

Service Calendar