IT Asset Management

The IT Asset Management enables you to manage all your workstations in a very easy and efficient way. You can collect and analyze all relevant information, like components and purchase data of your workstations, for a maximum of control and efficiency (e.g. running costs).

IT Asset Management is part of the Basic Package and offers comprehensive master data management for all corporate financial data. Especially the seamless combination of technical and commercial inventory management is a unique feature. Specific and individual reports keep your departments (like IT or controlling) informed at any time.


Cost Transparency

Important information can already be added to your systems, components or assets during first detection. The comprehensive cost center allocation, connection to supplier information, service agreements, depreciation and leasing information and the integration into the License Management allow a transparent management of all assets.

The DeskCenter System Manager also allows dynamic data changes. If, for example, a location, a room or a cost center is changed, this information is also updated for all systems, users and components that are assigned to this asset. Many different system numbers (e.g. inventory number) can be assigned to every asset. Combined with DeskCenter .Pocket, you have the perfect solution for mobile inventory.

User Integration

Systems or components can be assigned to users. This makes it easy to find out which system or component is used by which user. Of course, you also have the option to import asset data from existing databases or external systems. Please see User Management for further info.

Perfect Reporting

DeskCenter offers a fully integrated reporting solution, which offers many possibilities: from creating costs reports to creating customized system overviews, nearly anything is possible. You can also export the reports to external systems (e.g. SAP) and customize existing reports as you need them. The reports are saved to the DeskCenter database, so all created reports are directly available to all users and you don’t need to send them to each user separately. Alternatively, the reporting solution can be installed as a stand-alone application, which allows accessing the analysis without the DeskCenter System Manager.

Report Designer
Report Designer
Component Overview
Component Overview

The following asset information can be collected (automatically or manually):

  • contract data (purchase contract, maintenance contract)
  • purchases and costs
  • depreciation and leasing
  • service staff
  • suppliers, service partners
  • cost centers (freely extendable)
  • locations, rooms
  • network segments, ports
  • departments

DeskCenter Asset Management is available for:

  • Systems - automatic connection to DeskCenter Inventory
  • Licenses - automatic connection to DeskCenter License Management
  • Components - automatic connection to DeskCenter SNMP Inventory
  • Users - automatic assignment to User Management
  • Helpdesk - efficient data access through Helpdesk
  • any other assets or goods - manual input or import from external sources (also possible from excel sheets)  

Printers can be imported directly from ADS/NDS, active components (routers, switches or storage) can be imported through SNMP.

In order to use IT Asset Management you need the

Basic Package

This license contains all basic features of the DeskCenter Management Suite:

  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • License Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • User Management
  • Reporting
  • one passive component included