One small step for you, one giant leap for your IT.

From now on, everybody who wants to be in control of a company's IT needs just one tool.  Discover a complete solution with market-leading technology. With its powerful holistic approach strongly influenced by realistic requirements, it will redefine your expectations. The mature usability will enable you to work productively within minutes.  Is this a revolution?  We say it’s a new standard.

Less effort. More Benefit.

With the DeskCenter Management Suite you can manage hardware, software, licenses, users and whole workstations in an easy, secure and fast way. You will be able to install, detect, monitor and evaluate every system in your IT environment.  Everything gets easier, is traceable and becomes transparent.

One Database. Unlimited Possibilities.

Having all data in one open database makes a big difference. All your company's data integrates seamlessly. This fact makes it easy for you to connect, manage, compare and trace all information. Without barriers for comprehensive management and control.  So far, mostly data is governing the administration, finally it’s your chance to change this.

Simple Integration. Fast Reward.

The DeskCenter Management Suite is path breaking in terms of usability and simplicity.  It will inspire system administrators and satisfy companies. It’s capability of adding value to all business processes is immense.  All this is achieved effectively with a rapid return on investment.