Software Management

The DeskCenter Management Suite offers numerous functions in which business software can be administered over the entire lifecycle. Aside from planning and procurement of software assets, the distribution and maintenance of software is an especially important task for the IT administration.

OS Deployment

The automated installation of complete operating systems with DeskCenter Management Suite saves the IT department a lot of time and creates additional capacity and resources.  DeskCenter OS Deployment integrates seamlessly into the client and server management of the Suite.

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Software Deployment

Software Deployment with DeskCenter supports all common approaches of installations like Microsoft Installer (MSI) packages, standard setups and INF data drivers. The different installations can also be bundled in a software package.

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Patch Management

In order to keep your software up-to-date, systems must be controlled regularly on security-related updates. Here, the module Patch Management is the ideal choice.  It automatically determines, downloads and installs the required updates and saves valuable resources for the IT staff.

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DeskCenter Package Studio

DeskCenter Package Studio is a software packaging solution especially designed to meet the specific packaging and editing requirements. It allows you to easily record, create and edit Windows Installer (MSI) files and is perfectly suitable for repackaging and migration of MSI files.

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File and Contract Repository

The possibility to integrate maintenance contracts and purchase contracts directly into the asset management rounds up the software management. As a result, important information regarding the software components can be represented in an easy and clear way, exactly where they are required.

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