System Management

To manage the IT infrastructure of a business efficiently and adapt the system to new processes, structures and challenges is one of the major tasks for administrators. With effective system management you do not lose the overview of new purchases, relocations, restructurings, new programs or operating systems. DeskCenter lets you control the entire network without ever leaving your desk. You can manage all DeskCenter functionality and troubleshoot problems remotely and in real-time from one desktop console.


The DeskCenter Management Suite presents an integrated solution toward implementation that satisfies nearly every demand. With one clear, intuitive user interface inventories of hardware and software can easily be managed, even in virtual environments. It tracks all asset information and is available in one overview. The different approaches to inventory allow you to get the best results in every environment, infrastructure and network system.

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IT Asset Management

The intelligent IT Asset Management creates long-term transparency. With DeskCenter you can manage all of your assets and purchase information, not just those associated with information technology - all workplace equipment, including your mobile phones, desktops, servers, telephone systems and even your furniture, if so desired.

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User Management

Besides hardware, software and tangible assets, you can also manage users and their documents in a secure environment that does not put your employee’s privacy at risk. You can manage passwords (permissions) and personal assignments (work stations, functions or assets).

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