License Model

DeskCenter Management Suite gives you the freedom to choose.  All functions are included in one program and you can enable or disable modules at any time by just updating the license key.

Single Licenses (Per-Seat License)
Title Description
Basic Package The DeskCenter Basic package is the basis of the DeskCenter Management Suite and is required to be licensed. This license contains all important basic functions of the DeskCenter Management Suite, which are:
  • Hard- and Software Inventory
  • License Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • User Management
  • Reporting
  • one passive component included
Software Asset Management (SAM) DNA
  • Automated product identification database for software products that are subject to license and freeware products.
Application Metering
  • Evaluation of processes / applications per computer and user
  • Windows Terminal Server support
  • Evaluation of minimum, maximum and average period of use
  • Integrated into License Management
  • Requires SDI Agent
Realtime System Management
  • System management for computer systems (network configuration, user management, share management, control of processes and services)
  • System management for computer groups (Wake on LAN, Shutdown/Reboot, create user accounts, send network messages)
  • Remote desktop "on the fly" or as service via UltraVNC
  • Active Scripting Toolbox for the integration of own management functions based on VB Scripts or C# Scripts
  • Central tasks for scheduled scripts and Inventory tasks for scripts, that can be executed during each inventory
OS Deployment
  • Integrated, completely automated deployment of operating systems
  • New installation of MS operating systems
  • Creation and deployment of installation images
  • Administration of installation keys and activation keys over MAC addresses
  • Supply as bootable CD-ROM or PXE
  • Serial number administration
  • Completely integrated configuration of unattended files and drivers
  • Support for Microsoft® Windows™ NT, Windows™ 2000, Windows™ Server NT/2000/2003/2008, Windows™ XP, Windows™ Vista, Windows 7 (all versions)
  • Support for OS Microsoft® Server 2008
  • Deployment by CD/DVD, USB stick, ISO image, integrated PXE server or alternative TFTP/DHCP/PXE servers
Software Deployment
  • Deployment for Microsoft Installer packages (MSI), VM Ware ThinApp packages, standard setups and drivers
  • Microsoft Installer Commandline editor
  • Support of distributed software depots
  • Deployment of software packages via customizable rules (IF-THEN-rules)
  • Multiple software rules for users and computer systems Integration of the virtualization platform VM Ware ThinApp
Patch Management
  • Central administration for determining, downloading and installing necessary patches
  • Scheduled download of updates
  • Uninstall patches
File and Contract Repository
  • Store documents in the DeskCenter Management Suite database
  • Read-only-mode or as OLE object
  • Specify own categories
  • Additional information about documents
  • Link with systems / components / users / licenses
Single Licenses (License per component)
Title Description
SNMP Inventory
  • Automatic inventory of SNMP-able devices
  • Schedule control
  • SNMP templates
  • Import of MIB files
  • View of the devices in the components overview
Asset Management for passive components
  • free up to the amount of licensed Basic Packages (number of client PCs)
single Licenses (License per named user)
Title Description
  • Administration of Trouble Tickets
  • Email template system, Email history
  • Cost center-referred accounting and evaluation
  • Web console for the acceptance of user tickets
  • Knowledge Base including Webfrontend
  • Closed helpdesk tickets can be archived (and de-archived) according to criteria
Service Calendar
  • Administer Schedules
  • Calendar function
  • Resource planning (group schedule)
  • Appointments can be linked to systems, peripheral devices, persons and helpdesk tickets
  • Accounting and evaluation
  • Recurring appointments

DeskCenter.Pocket license   per device (PDA)

The Pocket PC module provides the opportunity to perform an inventory control of systems and components on site.

  • Physical inventory control on basis of the inventory
  • Add new systems and components
  • Interface for barcode scanner
  • Search function (manually or with barcode scanner)
  • Synchronize the data with the DeskCenter Management Suite database
Single Licenses (License per database)
Title Description
POP3 Connector
  • Examines POP3 account and creates helpdesk tickets and/or assigns emails to helpdesk tickets