DeskCenter.Web, the web frontend for DeskCenter Helpdesk, allows end users and service staff to access the Helpdesk functionality through a web browser. They can create Helpdesk tickets, search for information in the Knowledge Base or access inventory data of computers. DeskCenter.Web supports manual login or login via Windows authentication.

Create, edit and close tickets online

With DeskCenter.Web, helpdesk staff can access tickets from any location. They can create new tickets, edit or close existing tickets and access all the information that is also available in the ticket center of the DeskCenter Management Studio.  Users can follow up with the status of the request at any time.

Mobile Access to System Data

If mobile access to the inventoried data is required, DeskCenter.Web also allows accessing system data via web browser. All inventoried systems are arranged in a tree structure and sorted by workgroups or domains. All hardware and software data as well as the attached asset data is displayed for each system.  A direct access and changing in the data is possible at any time.  You can use the search function to find systems fast and easily. The user rights system integrated in the DeskCenter Management Suite offers you the possibility to control the access to system data, so that only persons with sufficient rights can see the system data.

Webfrontend to Knowledge Base

In the Knowledge Base you can collect solutions to solved problems and other useful information. Using DeskCenter.Web, end users and service staff can access the Knowledge Base.  Additionally, end users can check the status of their tickets or send new tickets.  All Knowledge Base articles are arranged in a tree structure. You can use the search function to find solutions and information fast and easily.  The search function works like most web search engines.

You are completely free to choose which information you want to publish in the DeskCenter.Web Knowledge Base.  Of course you can also import information from external systems into the Knowlege Base as well.

DeskCenter.Web is based on modern Microsoft .NET 3.5 technologies.

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  • webfrontend for user requests
  • web access for knowledge base
  • ticket creation with help of templates
  • clear structure off all data (systems, components, users) in table contents
  • tree structure to filter and group information analogue to the asset management
  • different icons mark the work status of the ticket
  • extort feature for Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF
  • sharing information specifically with a rule system
  • full text search to find systems easier
  • Sorted display of data in dropdown lists
  • create and manage tickets online
  • time- and location-independent access to all system data
  • online access to knowledge base
  • compatible to the asset management from DeskCenter Management Studio
  • Web Module already integrated in the basic package