DeskCenter.Pocket helps you to stay flexible. With DeskCenter.Pocket you have mobile access to all your system’s and component’s information. You can access and edit all asset data of your systems and components offline with your Pocket PC.  In addition, you can enter new asset information or create new systems or components directly on site.  Or you can carry out a physical inventory with the stock control function.  DeskCenter.Pocket automatically synchronizes with the DeskCenter database to transfer all offline/mobile data.

You can easily identify all your systems and components via barcode scanner (Bluetooth or integrated) so you need no extra inventory lists or manual check lists.  Barcode and RFID technology is fully integrated into DeskCenter.Pocket.  Additionally, you can create all barcode labels directly in the DeskCenter Management Suite.

With a wireless barcode scanner you can carry out physical inventory or edit asset data easily and comfortably.  For this purpose we offer a special Pocket hardware bundle consisting of HP iPAQ 200 Enterprise Handheld and a wireless barcode scanner.
Initial Screen
Initial Screen
Component View
Component View
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  • mobile access to all asset informationen
  • create/edit new systems and components directly on site
  • inventory control on site
  • identify systems/components via barcode scanner (Bluetooth or integrated)
  • synchronization with DeskCenter Management Suite database
  • label check
  • search function (systems and components)
  • create barcode labels directly in the DeskCenter Management Suite
  • fully integrated into the DeskCenter Management Suite

In order to use DeskCenter .Pocket you need the

Basic Package an

DeskCenter .Pocket