DeskCenter Package Studio

DeskCenter Package Studio is a software packaging solution especially designed to meet the specific packaging and editing requirements. It allows you to easily record, create and edit Windows Installer (MSI) files and is perfectly suitable for repackaging and migration of MSI files.

Software applications have to be prepared before they can be deployed automatically. The DeskCenter Package Studio helps you do this.  It facilitates the faultless creation of MSI packages and the automated distribution/installation on all Windows platforms.  In combination with the DeskCenter Management Suite, the Package Studio also accelerates the management of projects with many useful wizards and its intuitive user interface.

  • Repackage - Easily create user defined MSI or MST (Transform/Answer Files) files for already existing installations
  • Edit - Modify MSI files and their properties resp. components
  • Manage - Professional management with powerful features, e.g. dependencies check
  • Create - Generate MSI Projects
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  • Supports all Windows Versions from Windows 95 to Vista; 32 and 64 bit
  • Supports Microsoft Technologies, such as .Net 3.5, SQL Server and DIFxApp
  • Creation of users and groups and assignment of user rights and group rights
  • Powerful bootstrapper
    (allows installations for computers and users in one package)
  • Support for digital signatures
  • Driver installation
  • Update of XML files
  • Windows firewall configuration
  • Dialog editor

In order to use the DeskCenter Package Studio you need an according license. You can use the DeskCenter Package Studio independently from the DeskCenter Management Suite.

  • Fully integrated into DeskCenter Management Suite
  • Multilingual setups
  • Creation of pure MSI packages (no pseudo MSI)