Software Deployment

Growing IT structures lead to a constant increase in demand for software applications. In addition to standard software (e.g. office software) and operating systems, many business sectors need their own business specific software applications. Furthermore, many companies do not allow users to install software themselves. This leads to a considerable effort for software installations and maintenance.

The answer is a centralized and automated Software Deployment. DeskCenter offers a very flexible solution for deploying software in your organization with fully automated installation, configuration and maintenance. You will benefit from low maintenance requirement and the smooth and reliable operation of your PCs, servers and software. You can deploy standard setups, ThinApp and Xenocode packages and Microsoft Installer (MSI) packages.

Thus, you can install and uninstall software and repair installations. MSI also optimizes the version management of software packages.

Automated installation using rule systems

The DeskCenter Management Suite supports the most common deployment methods: installation of Microsoft Installer packages, standard setups and drivers over INF files. Different installations can be combined in an installation package. Using system rules, software packages can then be installed, uninstalled or updated. If requirements of systems change or new systems are added, predefined rules are automatically activated to install the contained software. For MSI packages, ThinApp packages and standard setups that are based on MSI (e.g. service packs), a comfortable editor is available that covers all MSI parameters.

Time and bandwidth control

If required, installations can be set up time controlled. Users may also influence installations actively if this is wanted. For every installation, the bandwidth can be checked.

Support of scripting

All installations can be combined with script actions based on VB Script. Thus it is possible to make configurations on the systems before or after an installation. Scripts can access a large variety of data values from the DeskCenter System Manager through variables. This makes user and location specific installations possible.

Redundant software depots with cache function

For the installation of software packages, the DeskCenter System Manager uses redundant software deployers (network permissions or URL paths). This makes installations to different sites more effective and smaller sites do not need their own server as an installation resource. If required, installation resources can be cached on the client PC. Hence, no further access to the software deployer is necessary to install more components of an application.

Software Packages
Software Packages
Software Rules
Software Rules
Edit Software Package
Edit Software Package
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  • installation of standard setups, Microsoft Installer Packages (MSI) and service packs 
  • integration of application virtualization platform ThinApp
  • software distribution using system rules
  • rules can install, uninstall and update software packages
  • collection of installations in a software package
  • full support for all MSI functions, like installation, repair and uninstallation
  • redundant distribution points for software packages
  • integration of script actions based on Windows Scripting Host
  • cache for software installations
  • automated installation using rule systems
  • organization of software packages in software groups
  • detailed status display in the SDI agent
  • efficient control of available bandwidth and timing of installations
  • powerful integrated editor for definition of installations
  • scripting support
  • redundant software depots with cache function

In order to use Software Deployment you need the

Basic Package

and the module

Software Deployment