OS Deployment

DeskCenter OS Deployment saves time in the IT department and sets resources free. It is fully integrated into the Suite’s existing Client and Server Management. In combination with the Software Deployment you can equip your client PCs or servers with all the software needed, from the operating system up to the different software applications.

Automatic driver detection and integration of all necessary parameters allow fully automated and unattended installation of all Windows operating systems.

The integrated driver database combines all drivers in packages. DC EasyExtract scans all drivers that are available on a computer system and bundles them into a package, to use for applications in the system manger.

Another useful feature of DeskCenter OS Deployment is the imaging. This allows you to create an exact copy of a PC which can, for example, serve as full backup (Snapshop Backup). By cloning a master PC, the imaging feature can also be used to deploy operating systems to thousands of PCs within minutes.

EasyDeploy enables configurations and OS deployment jobs from a central console in nearly one click. In combination with the PXE server the system boots directly into the Windows PE environment. Jobs that are stored in the system Manager will be implemented automatically with the next boot (via WakeOnLan or reboot).

Driver Database
Driver Database
Create new Job
Create new Job
PE Environment
PE Environment
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  • integrated and fully automated OS deployment
  • for Microsoft® Windows™ 2000, Windows™ Server 2000/2003/2008, Windows™ XP, Windows™ Vista (all versions), Windows™ 7 (all versions) 
  • installation of operating systems, imaging
  • administration of installation keys and activation keys over MAC addresses
  • reservation of Microsoft Windows™ license keys for MAC addresses even before set up
  • completely integrated configuration of unattended files and drivers in a central driver database 
  • deployment by CD/DVD, USB stick, ISO image, integrated PXE server or alternative TFTP/DHCP/PXE servers
  • EasyDeploy: OS deployment from central console, direct boot into the Windows PE environment 
  • Support for Windows 7 SP1 and 2008 R2 + SP1
  • fewer installation errors
  • fewer manual processes
  • reduced costs in the IT department

In order to use OS Deployment you need the

Basic Package

and the module

OS Deployment