Application Metering

User integration and importing from external systems. You can link systems or components to users to get an overview on which asset or component is used by which employee. To reduce manual effort, you can also import asset information from already existing databases and external systems.

Individual Evaluations

Application Metering collects information about use of processes and applications per workplace or per user. You can create customized evaluations that match your requirements or, e.g., data protection guidelines or works council regulations.

Automated Reports

Automated reports provide valid data at regular intervals and serve as a solid basis for decisions.
You can collect the minimum, maximum and average usage time in combination with the related software licenses.

Application Metering
Application Metering
  • evaluation of processes / applications per computer and user
  • Windows terminal server support
  • evaluation of minimum, maximum and average period of use
  • integrated into License Management
  • requires SDI Agent

In order to use Application Metering you need the

Basic Package

and the module

Application Metering