Energy Management

Environmental protection and sustainable, conscious use of energy and resources is a responsibility for every company. In these times of increasingly scarce resources and rising energy prices, consciousness of environmental issues must become a matter of course. The PC Energy Report 2009 shows: only 56 % of employees in the UK and Germany and 50 % of employees in the US power down their PC after work, resulting in a huge waste of money and unnecessary CO2 emissions. Here, energy saving networks and optimized processes are especially important.

The Challenge

A considerable part of energy costs in companies is caused by IT hardware. Here lies a big savings potential that is just waiting to be tapped. DeskCenter faces that challenge and offers solutions for quick and transparent cost reduction. DeskCenter Energy Management helps to use energy more efficiently, relieves the stress on your budget and protects the environment at the same time.

Tangible Potential

Our calculations on the basis of a network with 1000 clients has revealed a considerable savings potential. If only one out of five PCs is not powered down at the end of the workday it releases approximately 40 tons additional CO2 per year - even if the PCs are powered down during the weekend. This is the same CO2 emission that is caused by 20 cars during the same period*.

Smart Energy Management

Energy Management is part of the Basic Package of DeskCenter Management Suite. It can wake up and shut down PCs automatically according to user-defined schedules and ensure that PCs are powered down during night and weekend periods. But there is, of course, also an option to delay the shut down if the user is still using the PC and does not want to shut it down. However, many users don't switch off their PCs because they simply don't want to wait until the PC is shut down or because it would take too long to start it again the next day. DeskCenter gives admins the ability to control that comfortably from a central point.
Additionally, such a wakeup and shutdown schedule is very useful if you, for instance, want to install updates during the night to increase the performance of your IT infrastructure and guarantee a continuous workflow during the daytime.

Protection against unauthorized access

Many companies don’t protect their networks and systems against the risk of economic crime and industrial espionage. Computers that run overnight open the door for data theft. Thereby it is very simple to raise the IT safety by an automatic system shut down. Desk Center Management Suite enables a time controlled shut down and your sensitive company data is protected against uninvited access.

*mileage 15.000 km/year, 140g CO2 emission per km

Energy Management
Energy Management
Energy Management SDI Agent
Energy Management SDI Agent
  • Automated, schedule-driven high- and shutdown of your systems
  • Ready-to-Use systems to start your work
  • Costsavings by reducing the energyconsumption of your systems 
  • Protection from unauthorized access

In order to use the Energy Management you need the

Basic Package