File and Contract Repository

Very often, employees spend their valuable time searching for the right documents and information. Especially for recovery of systems and data, it is crucial that all necessary documentation can be found quickly and easily. If information is not available or cannot be found in time, stoppages and financial loss could be the result.

The DeskCenter Management Suite helps you to avoid such risks:
You can deposit relevant documents where they are actually needed. This allows secure, fast and flexible access to all important information.

The File and Contract Repository extends the IT Asset Management for systems, components, and end-users by making it possible to save documents in the database and attach them to the associated asset records. Any number of documents can be assigned to an asset and any number of systems, components, and users can be linked to each document.

Create Document
Create Document
Document Management
Document Management
  • documents can be attached directly to the associated systems or components
  • faster access to escalation and recovery plans
  • documents can be saved in read-only-mode (e.g. contracts)
  • edit documents with OLE objects
  • files can be added directly or by using a scanner
  • documents can be linked to systems, components and users
  • legally secure license management
  • Independene from net drives
  • direct access to license documents, contracts and protocols
  • fast and reliable audits
  • user specific certificates
  • linking network plans directly to the active network devices
  • linking update and support agreements with associated assets
  • documentation for systems and components
  • job descriptions for employees, skill level, certificates
  • protocols about toner status and print count of your printers

In order to use File and Contract Repository you need the modules

Basic Package


File and Contract Repository