Nothing is as demonstrative as a good reference.

We will gladly document how our product is used in a variety of companies. We will give you detailed information and a free demo version. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


This global cooperation appreciates the Suite and the open database. The unique way of accessing all data of hardware, software, assets and licenses enables them to manage their environment effectively and secure.


This company uses the product to automatically distribute software and deploy operating systems. All tasks are handled centralized from one desk with real time management. Read more.


Lotto-Toto Sachsen-Anhalt

The purchase of software licenses results in a number of complex tasks. The Lotto-Toto GmbH Sachsen-Anhalt solves all of them with the DeskCenter License Management.

Ministry for country, development, and traffic

The ministry manages their whole software lifecycle with the DeskCenter Management Suite. This includes installation, deployment and license management. Using the system management module, they solve all their tasks in real time, even using remote workstations. Problems with the business processes are documented and solved with the DeskCenter Helpdesk system.

The consultancy uses the DeskCenter Management Suite to inventory their servers. All relevant data and system details are gathered automatically.


The Suite complies with the requirements for holistic IT management and security of banks and financial service providers. The service package is perfected by several helpdesk workstations for secure and effective Support.

Volkswagen AG

The cooperation works with the DeskCenter Management Suite to simplify the monitoring and supervision of their highly sensitive production environment. The integrated Helpdesk ensures a consistent documentation and makes sure that their support team is provided all necessary information. Read more.

By using an intelligent energy management the foundation meets their high requirements to sustainability, responsible use of resources and cost-effective management. DeskCenter Management Suite also guaranties a trouble-free administration and support of all computer systems without influence of the users. Read more.

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